Lincoln Capital Partners Expands Fixed Income Platform

Released on: October 09, 2012, 11:24 am
Industry: Financial

Firm offers retail investors and independent registered investment advisors access to new issue municipal market

-- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Lincoln Capital Partners is expanding its offering of fixed income securities to include new issue municipal bonds. Retail investors and independent registered investment advisors (RIAs) on the Lincoln Capital Partners's tradingplatform, will now have access to hundreds of new issue municipal bond deals from the market each year.

"Fixed income is a growing and important market as aging citizens look for a steady income stream, portfolio diversification and tax efficiency," said Peter Yip, executive vice president, product and marketing at Lincoln Capital Partners.

"Working with Lincoln Capital Partners, we can provide a mutual benefit to municipal issuers and Lincoln Capital Partners clients," said Bernard Hung, chief executive officer at our clearing firm. "Municipalities gain access to a national network of retail investors and RIAs, while investors and independent advisors can benefit from the potential cost-savings of buying bonds directly from municipal issuers."

Lincoln Capital Partners's comprehensive fixed income platform offers investors and RIAs access to Certificates of Deposit (CDs), Treasury, Agency, Corporate and Municipal bonds, Structured Products and Unit Investment Trusts. Investors have access to powerful online tools and calculators for researching thousands of bonds and CDs offered from more than 200 dealers.

Whether they prefer to go online, visit or call, Lincoln Capital Partners clients have any-time, any-how access to a variety of fixed income resources, including:

•  Fixed Income Specialists - For one-on-one guidance with bonds, CDs and investment strategies such as bond laddering, clients can consult directly with dedicated, experienced professionals who understand the fixed income markets and each client's unique needs.

•  Tools & Calculators - Bond Wizard, Taxable Equivalent Yield Calculator, and Quick Search help investors and advisors easily search for bonds and CDs, find readymade bond ladders, build their own bond ladder, calculate taxable equivalent yields, and more. Additionally, third-party research is available to help clients understand the fixed income markets and evaluate investment options.

•  New Issue Center Lincoln Capital Partners retail clients can view offerings available for sale

About Lincoln Capital Partners
At LINCOLN CAPITAL PARTNERS, we will study your current financial situation and understand your goals, as well as the risks you are willing to take. It is true that every investment comes with a risk. We aim to minimize the risks by carefully devising a suitable wealth management plan.

Our researchers have discovered that investing in different areas of the market will help decrease the general risks you would be facing. Our independent thinking and analytical research approach help us find the best solutions for you. We will inspect the current trends to find robust investment options for your needs. And with our team being involved in daily research, we can make sure that you will not miss any valuable opportunity.

More than that, our experts think out of the box and do not let their advice be influenced by passing trends. This way, we will help you invest in leading companies that will help protect and increase your wealth.


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