Christmas Stockings to Reach 17,000 Troops in Afghanistan

Released on = October 27, 2005, 1:46 pm

Press Release Author = Gregory Witt

Industry = Non Profit

Press Release Summary = Humanitarian groups are sending 17,000 filled Christmas stockings to soldiers in Afghanistan

Press Release Body = If you were to make a list of places Americans would least like to be during the Christmas holiday, Afghanistan would be close to the top of any list. It seems the War in Iraq, hurricanes, and other domestic news has pushed Afghanistan off the front page and off the radar screen of most Americans. But this Christmas, thousands of Americans are involved in making sure troops in Afghanistan aren’t forgotten. Two organizations are spearheading the project, dubbed “Operation Christmas Stocking,” to deliver 17,000 Christmas stockings to soldiers in Afghanistan. Stars For Stripes, an organization which entertains soldiers in some of the most remote bases in the world has partnered with Operation Give, an organization which delivers toys, educational and medical supplies to children in Iraq and other war-torn and devastated areas.“In the weeks following September 11, Afghanistan was the first front in the war on terror. The effort of our troops in Afghanistan has been a huge, and sometimes forgotten success. We want to let these soldiers know we’re behind them one hundred percent” said Paul Holton, an Army National Guardsman and head of Operation Give. The goal is to put a personalized Christmas stocking in the hands of every military person serving in Afghanistan—17,000 total. This may seem like an overwhelming task for most organizations, but Operation Give has sent hundreds of thousands of items to soldiers in Iraq and has the logistical expertise to do the same in Afghanistan.“If Santa’s going to make it to Afghanistan, he needs to get started early” said Holton. That’s why Operation Give is requesting the help of churches, clubs, schools and individuals to send filled stockings that can be forwarded to Afghanistan.
So what kinds of things are on the wish list for soldiers in Afghanistan? Holton suggest personalizing the stocking with a card or photo and your email address. Personal toiletries such as lip balm, toothpaste, hand sanitizer, insect repellant, sunscreen, eye drops, shampoo, and dental floss are always welcome. Other appealing gifts include CDs and DVDs, clip-on lights, travel alarm clocks, playing cards and games. Any food items included in the stocking should be non-perishable and packaged, such as chewing gum, granola bars, or hard candy. Stuffed stockings can be sent directly to Operation Give at 1775 West 1500 South Salt Lake City, Utah 84104. Additional information about the project can be found at

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