CAMO launches Online Prediction and Classification Software: OLUP/OLUC (End User) 1.0

Released on = November 16, 2005, 12:48 am

Press Release Author = Puneet Sinha

Industry = Chemicals

Press Release Summary = CAMO Group today announced the global launch of OLUP/OLUC (End User) 1.0. An online Prediction and Classification Software, OLUP/OLUC (End User) 1.0 has been designed keeping the end-user in mind. An innovative product, the
application will help users to fully exploit The Unscrambler®’s capabilities for their applications in product development, process control, quality control and research.

Press Release Body = CAMO Group issued a statement today, announcing the global launch of OLUP/OLUC (End User) 1.0, an innovative, plug ‘n’ play product designed for the end- users. A new offering from CAMO Inc, the statement describes OLUP/OLUC
(End User) 1.0 as an easy- to- use application equipped with unique features that make it an effective tool to make predictions, optimize processes and ensure quality control, across industry verticals. According to the statement, the application will help users analyze, classify and predict chemometric and spectral data; and help them achieve cost efficiency by reducing their dependency on external software, to a great extent. The statement further goes on to enunciate software’s highlights that include features like, File Polling, Multiple model selection, Real-time prediction and classification to release value in data, User log-in and Time-stamped reports, among others.

According to the company report, the benefits of using OLUP/OLUC (End User) 1.0 include standardizing and streamlining product formulations, maintaining quantitative analysis & quality control, ensuring real time measurement in the prediction/ classification of process parameters, releasing value of data through the among others.

As a software that will prove useful in a variety of industry verticals, the OLUP/OLUC (End User) 1.0 seems versatile and handy for research, product/process development and quality control. However, all things considered, it remains to be seen if the software’s claim for user-friendliness proves its worth in a market that has a surfeit of statistical products, making equally strong assertions.

About CAMO:

A leading multivariate analysis software products and IT services group, CAMO Inc., was established by Dr. Arne Tyssø in 1984, at Trondheim, Norway. A pioneer in the field of Multivariate data analysis software products and solutions, the company offers the most definitive analytical modeling, prediction and optimization. The
company’s flagship simulation and prediction software products are, The Unscrambler®, OLUP/OLUC (End User) 1.0 and Product Optimizer. The company has its global headquarters in Woodbridge, NJ US, with regional offices in Oslo, Norway and Bangalore, India.

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