We are engaged in producing and researching the sodium alginate and mannitol in the over past 30 years

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Industry = Chemicals

comprehensive seaweed processing enterprise with more than 30 years history. 500
staff and workers,It has the largest scale and the advanced technology in China.
Sodium Alginate :4000 MTS
Mannitol :1500 MTS
Iodine :60 MTS
Products are widely used in textile printing, food, chemical, agriculture,
paper-making and so for the industries.
Sodium Alginate in printing and textile industry
It has been a long history since sodium alginate was used in starching, packing and
printing. In printing, it is the good material with wide use in the cotton, wool,
silk and synthetic fibre. Especially since the reactive dye was found in the world,
there has been many years\' history of application. There is no other gelatinigation
which can compare beauty with it so far.
It can\'t react with the reactive dye or form covalent bond as result of having
second hydroxyl in its structure without the origin hydroxyl, and meanwhile having
strong cathodic carboxyl in its organization. This is its great property. Therefore,
it not only does not absorb the dyestuff but also excludes it. It is easy to move
the dyestuff from the gelatinigation to the fibre, which benefits keeping clearness
and uniformity of the printing. Therefore the printing is clear, vivid, high in the
dyeing quantity and has good handle and firm degree at the same time.
The products of medium and low viscosity are suitable for the printing requirements
of net, roll style and handwork printing. It has the flowing property of the pseudo
plastic fluid, which means that it will turn watery when being cutted and restored
the original viscidity after losing being cutted. This fits for fine printing, full
ground printing and wet printing. It can make products with the features of thin
line, clear profile and good uniformity.
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Press Release Body = Lianyungang zhongda seaweed industrial co,.Itd.(seven--two
chemical plant)lies in the northern area of the city Lianyungang--the head of the
Asian--European eastern bridge.Ehe national road no.204 passed by our company,the
good traffic and the excellent investment environment make us believe that our
company must be have a brilliant future.The company was set up in 1969,which is a
fixed national seaweed processing enterprise.It was reposed by national chemical
ministry and later it was under the control of the seafood production department of
agriculture.It was put into productionin 1972 and thus got the name.
At the same as the China get into the WTO.Seven--two chemical works has the
first been changed from a public ownership to a newly peculiar private
enterprise in the seaweed industrial in china--Lianyungang zhongda seaweed
industrial co,.Itd.
For many years.Our company made its production quality excellent and reliable
mainly based on advanced technology,through the excellent management and modern
processing equipment,the main products--sodium alginate,iodine,mannitol adopt
the world\'s advanced creditability,which have been praised by our province and
agricultural ministry successively.Our company is the second-class measure unit
in Chinia and enjoys import and export rights by herself.We devote ourselves
much attention to maintainming contracts honor that we have gained.
The chairman Wangyongchang and of all the workers adhering to the principle of
\"high quality,good service,users first,prestige first\"and warmly welcome friends
of all trade party at home and abroat to come visiting for business negotiation
and technical exchanges.

Lianyungang sodium alginate industry was established in 1972, as the largest
professional manufacturer and exporter has been specializing in producing &
exporting sodium alginate mannitol and iodine.

sodium alginate
1.Viscosity: 50-1200CPS (or produced according to your requirements) 2.Grain
size:30-60mesh 100% pass or as per contract stipulateed 3.Moisture %: ≤15 4.PH
: 6.0-7.5 5.Ca content %: ≤0.3 6.ASH Content % : 20.0-24.0 7.Transparency cm:
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Contact Details = Sunny flower century city41-2-201,Xinpu

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