Medical Molding and In Mold Decoration

Released on = November 20, 2005, 11:28 pm

Press Release Author = Yomura Technologies Inc.

Industry = Chemicals

Press Release Summary = In Mold Decoration, 2 Materials Overmolding, Liquid Silicon
Injection Molding, Anti-Vibration Rubber, Medical Molding

Press Release Body = The primary goal of YOMURA Technologies is to work and grow
with our customers from product conception through the life cycle to improve quality
and reduce overall cost. Yomura\'s engineering makes it possible to shorten the
development cycle by adopting concurrent engineering and product management
Utilizing advanced software for mold design and construction, 5 Axis CNC machine
center of modern toolroom and molding equipment and ISO 9001 quality assurance
procedures helps YOMURA guarantee top quality parts and molds in conformance with
our customers standards and expectations.
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