Matsusada Precision Inc announces the introduction of the 1600 Digital X-Ray Inspection System, a full featured desktop x-ray inspection system

Released on = April 25, 2006, 8:10 am

Press Release Author = Glen Thomas / Matsusada Precision

Industry = Semiconductors

Press Release Summary = The 1600 Digital X-Ray Inspection System packs an incredible
amount of x-ray inspection power into a compact space saving design. The 1600
Digital X-Ray Inspection System is comparable in size to a desktop PC and requires
no special wiring, external shielding or room modifications for operation. The 1600
Digital X-Ray Inspection System is a very popular choice with Japanese
manufacturers, with over 120 successful installations in Japan.

Press Release Body = The exceptional performance of the 1600 Digital X-Ray
Inspection System results from the combination of a high-resolution micro-focus
x-ray tube, 12 bit flat panel digital x-ray detector and the state-of-the art image
processing capabilities.

Mr. Glen Thomas, Matsusada Precision Inc. Sales, X-ray Division, comments: "The
1600's distortion free 12 bit flat panel x-ray detector coupled with the
high-resolution x-ray tube allows an engineer or quality assurance technician to a
perform x-ray inspections in the lab, on the production floor or even at their

Standard features of the 1600 Digital X-Ray Inspection System include: A 12 bit
digital flat panel x-ray detector, joystick and mouse controlled X-Y stage with a
360 rotation fixture and full featured image processing CPU with 17" LCD flat panel
monitor which controls all system functions.

Typical applications include; Encapsulated Components, Weld / Solder Joint
Integrity, BGA Inspection, Mechanical and Electronics, Parts Placement, Density
Measurements and General Non-destructive Imaging.

About Matsusada Precision Inc.
As an industry leading manufacture of high-voltage power supplies since 1972,
Matsusada Precision Inc. has supported manufacturers worldwide in the cutting-edge
areas of x-ray inspection systems, semiconductor manufacturing and medical device
manufacturing. Matsusada Precision Inc. manufactures power supplies and x-ray
inspection systems in the Shiga, Japan headquarters and has sales and support
offices in San Jose, New York, Dallas and Chicago.

Web Site =

Contact Details = Glen Thomas
2275 Half Day Road
Bannockburn, IL 60015
phone 847-821-2787
fax 847-821-2789

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