Roll Out is Available for Licensing at Major Trade Shows

Released on = July 16, 2006, 10:06 am

Press Release Author = Joseph F. Jackson, Invent-tech Inc.

Industry = Chemicals

Press Release Summary = Roll Out is Available for Licening at Major Trade Shows.
Invent-tech is reprsenting the Roll Out invention.

Press Release Body = I am the inventor of the RollOut, a new product that\'s never
been on the market before. This product is affordable to make, and it will change
the way we clean carpet and upholstery. Roll Out is a product that may eliminate
renting or buying carpet cleaning machines. Roll Out is far better than retail
stores, carpets sprays, and foams. Nothing can touch it so far, by checking the list
of manufacturers of carpet cleaning products there\'s nothing like the Roll Out on
the market. The Roll Out product is designed to be fast, easy, and affordable to all
Americans and everyone else across the world. This is a product that can be mass
produce, in which assembly lines already exist for this product. The Roll Out is so
easy to use even a APEMAN can use it. To learn more about this new product please
contactInvent-tech@ 1-800-940-9020EXT2230 or 1-800-940-9020 EXT2285 on the web at Invent-tech is handling publicity, the press, and
negotiations on my behalf. They are the true professionals when it comes to new
product negotiations.

Web Site =

Contact Details = 1506 Wilder St.
phone number 706-724-6821.
fax#: 706-724-6821

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