Sayerlack laboratories - pushing back the frontiers - new HD coating system with high scratch resistance innovation using exclusive technology for wood finishes

Released on = July 5, 2006, 8:03 am

Press Release Author = Arianna Zotti

Industry = Chemicals

Press Release Summary = The exclusive technology of the new HD SYSTEM uses an
unusual three-dimensional micro polymer structure , which gives advanced

Press Release Body = The new HD System Coating line from Sayerlack has extraordinary
scratch resistance, with the potential to significantly increase the added value of
a coated product. An innovation in micro polymer structure created thanks to the
R&D department at Sayerlack guarantees the new HD SYSTEM coating range exceptional
resistance, surface hardness and scratch and abrasion resistance, combined with good
clarity and softness to touch.

Comparative tests have shown the products surface hardness exceeds those of
currently available products
The HD SYSTEM range of products can be used to bring benefits in a wide range of
sectors; domestic furniture, office and contract furniture, kitchens and wooden
flooring etc.

The products can be applied using traditional methods and equipment, including UV

HD SYSTEM is a complete range of transparent and coloured coatings - PU, Acrylics,
Pre-cat, traditional UV and waterbased UV - already available in different gloss
levels up to 40% gloss.

TZ 90**/00
Easy to apply general use PU coating. It can be applied with all types of spray
equipment including autospray.
With a soft silky feel it has an excellent transparency. It gives excellent results
on table and desk tops, kitchen cabinet doors and all areas requiring the best
surface hardness and scratch resistance. Available in a range of gloss levels.

TZ 93**/00
This easy to apply two-component acrylic combines HD system surface hardness and
scratch resistance with total non-yellowing properties, making it the perfect
choice for coating light veneers for a natural effect and as a protective coat over
white painted finishes. It can be applied with all types of spray equipment.
Available in a range of gloss levels.

Sayerlack pairs a new line of UV drying products with excellent surface hardness
with its bicomponent spray coatings. The complete line includes three coatings to
satisfy the various application needs of the industry that makes end quality and
productivity its weapons to win over the market.

RZ 31**/00
Satin and matt UV lacquer for roller application, where high scratch resistance is
required, such as parquet flooring and table tops. It is applied like a traditional
UV coating, thanks to its versatility of use. Available in a range of gloss levels.

RZ 34**/00
Satin and matt UV for application with grooved rollers, giving a high build smooth
finish with incredible flow and appearance. Available in a range of gloss levels.

RZ 35**/00
Dual Cure UV cured sprayable coating for kitchen doors. For use on autospray and
curtain coating lines it combines the benefit of dual cure technology, ensuring full
cure even where there is no UV exposure, with high surface hardness and scratch
resistance. Available in a range of gloss levels.

Water based UV combining high levels of chemical and physical resistance with very
low VOC emissions.

AR 75**/00
Scratch-resistant water-borne coating to apply with a curtain coater. Available in a
range of gloss levels.

AR 93**/00
Scratch-resistant water-borne UV coating for autospray application. Available in a
range of gloss levels.

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