Sayerlack revolutionizes the world of stains - Wood Stain Plus, the first tintometric system for translucent colorants exclusively from Sayerlack

Released on = July 5, 2006, 3:23 am

Press Release Author = Communications Office - Arianna Zotti

Industry = Chemicals

Press Release Summary = Wood Stain Plus is the exclusive, latest Sayerlack product
that revolutionizes the techniques used to match translucent tints, matching each
colour hue
with the maximum precision and rapidity

Press Release Body = Pianoro, May 2006 - The new Sayerlack Tintometric Wood Stain
Plus system was created from the need to develop translucent tints and stain
finishes using a spectrophotometer reading of reference liquid samples or samples
applied on a wood substrate. Starting with Sayerlack concentrated stain bases, the
dispenser machine automatically provides the colorants, making it simple, precise,
quick and economical to match tints to the sample.

Until now, operators have had to visually analyze the sample, formulate the tint
based on their experience and professionalism, manually add the colorants and apply
the tint. The coating produced in this way was compared with the sample to be
matched and, if the results weren't satisfactory, the tint was reformulated and
corrected until the required colour tone was obtained.
The Wood Stain Plus system is a revolution in the world of colour and offers
translucent tints and stain finishes the benefits of the simple and tested method
used by the Wood Colour Plus tintometric paint system. The procedure has 5 phases:

1.spectrophotometer reading of the liquid or applied sample processing and tint formulation generated automatically
3.concentrated bases can be mixed manually or automatically using a dispenser machine
4.stain application
5.colour correction to achieve exact match by repeating the previous steps.

The spectrophotometer sends the colour data from the sample to a computer which
processes thousands of permutations of the bases under different simulated lighting
conditions to obtain a \'colour match prediction.' This is then tested by application
of the formulation onto timber. If not exact the first time, then by measuring the
colour, the computer program can optimize the formulation to achieve the perfect
Wood Stain Plus allows a colour to be matched with extreme precision, starting with
a liquid sample. If you start with an already painted surface, the system can match
the colour regardless of the type of substrate, on any type of wood and with any
kind of application method.
Wood Stain Plus allows you to faithfully match the sample colors, significantly
reducing test samples, time and waste of colorant to obtain the desired results.

This cutting edge method significantly reduces formulation times and makes matching
the colour less subjective by removing human error when obtaining the required
Stains formulated in this way can be rapidly prepared by the automatic dispensing of
the tintometric machine. After dispensing the concentrated colorants, a suitable
thinner is added in the amount indicated by the formula provided by the software in
order to obtain the required

tint. The new Wood Stain Plus system uses concentrated Sayerlack colorants,
successfully adopted by the major manufacturers of wood products worldwide for many

Wood Stain Plus allows you to create a database of formulated tints in order to be
able to match them very quickly at any time, in any amount, without tests and
uneconomical waste. Thanks to Sayerlack and Wood Stain Plus, faithful colour
matching is guaranteed!
Wood Stain Plus is a valuable ally for colour centres whose rapid and excellent
service is their secret weapon on the market. Cabinet makers, carpenters and
artisans who need tint samples can turn to them with the guarantee of high Sayerlack
quality and personalized service.

Sayerlack was founded in Bologna in 1954 and, after more than 50 years, is
synonymous with innovative solutions to treat and coat wood. The company has two
production facilities in Italy: Pianoro (Bologna) and Mariano Comense, and
distributes Sayerlack products in over 70 countries worldwide through its six
facilities abroad (France, Great Britain, Spain, China, Singapore and the United
States). Since 2001, the Sayerlack brand has been a subsidiary of the multinational
chemical company, Arch Chemicals.

Sayerlack products stand out thanks to a consolidated tradition and a strong
innovative component. In 1988, thanks to important technology and research and
development interventions, Sayerlack was the first company in Italy to produce
water-borne coatings for wood. Today, the results achieved in terms of environmental
compatibility, excellent performance and constant innovation guarantee Sayerlack's
leadership in the European water-borne wood market.
Sayerlack is a brand that can satisfy the needs of all the existing sectors of the
wood industry: from furnishing to carpentry, from the automotive sector to musical
instruments, from shipyards to construction sites and from outdoor structures to
patio furniture.

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