Rust Prevention Products by Rust Bullet

Released on = August 10, 2006, 4:30 am

Press Release Author = David Ciglar

Industry = Chemicals

Press Release Summary = Rust Prevention Products by Rust Bullet are one of the best
rust corrosion prevention products or techniques available in the market today which
have a long lasting effect on your products by increasing there efficiency and

Press Release Body = Rust is a disease of Iron and steel. Rust or Iron oxide is
formed through a chemical reaction between oxygen and moisture. This oxidation makes
the metal weak so it's easy to break. Many methods using rust prevention products
have been tried to treat rust but all of them are unable to provide a long-term
solution to the rust problem and each one has their individual shortcomings. Until
now with the introduction of Rust Bullet it's a product offered at Rust Bullet provides a long-term solution to this cumbersome

Rust Bullet is a one-step urethane based rust prevention product that is easy to
apply and makes rust repair affordable. This unique rust inhibitor product provides
a corrosion protection armor tuff coating to the treated metal objects. This rust
corrosion prevention product uses patented new technology to stop rust and
corrosion. The Rust Bullet application process requires very minimal surface
preparation while reducing the rust repair and rust removal cost. Besides acting as
a rust remover it has other added functions, it can be used as a fire retardant
coating, or a mold Encapsulant coating, and a garage floor coating to protect

Rust Bullet has been scientifically tested in various labs and has clearly out
performed the market leaders like POR 15, Rustoleum etc, Rust Bullet offers
different products for different uses like Rust Bullet home & farm is for home and
farm usage like protecting a metal building roof or farm equipment. Rust Bullet
commercial or industrial is for industrial usage, where it is used to protect
machines and other metal objects that otherwise would have decreased productivity &
efficiency. Rust Bullet automotive is used for rust prevention and as a rust repair
product for automobiles. All these products help in reducing the cost of maintenance
of metal objects and appliances they even help to increase the life of the metal
object. Rust prevention ability of Rust Bullet saves a lot of money, which would
have been spent on the repair and maintenance of the machine or appliance. By using
these rust prevention products, overall efficiency of machines can be increased and
the maintenance part is taken care of. Thus, the product is recommended for regular
use as it helps in elongating the life of a metal object.

These rust prevention products are guaranteed to provide protection from rust for as
long as ten years and are thus a long-term solution to the rust problem. Visit the
site to know more about the miraculous product and stop thinking
about your rust related troubles.

Web Site =

Contact Details = Address: Rust Bullet, LLC, 300 Brinkby Ave., Suite 200, Reno, NV
phone no: (775) 829-5606

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