Archbishop Gary Beaver Launches Project to Replant Olive Trees in Palestinian West Bank

Released on = September 10, 2006, 9:46 am

Press Release Author = Media Officer

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Press Release Summary = Orthodox Old Catholic Archbishop Gary Beaver launched this
week, his personal project titled " Tree of Peace Program" in West Bank

Press Release Body = Orthodox Old Catholic Archbishop Gary Beaver launched this
week, his personal project titled " Tree of Peace Program" which seeks to replenish
the large number of Palestinian olive trees uprooted and destroyed by the Israeli
occupation army and settlers.

The olive tree is an ancient symbol of peace which, for Palestinians, also
symbolises their connection to their land.

As one olive tree produces on average 9 kg of olives, or 2 litres of oil, and can
grow in poor soil, it is a vital source of food and income too. So the destruction
of huge numbers of olive trees is not only an affront to Palestinians' culture and
identity - it has been economically disastrous.

over 1 million Palestinian trees - over 450,000 of them olive trees - have been
uprooted by the Israeli Army. Many of them were destroyed as punitive measures
against families and communities. Others have been uprooted for the expansion of
settlements, or the building of the separation wall.

The OSMTH Magistral Grand Priory of the Holy Lands ( )have
partnered with the Free Catholic Church of Europe and its Church Communion members
to take action to replant olive trees where they have been uprooted and destroyed,
or in areas where the fields are threatened by land confiscation by the Israeli
occupation army or settlers.

For the amount of UKP 20 you can Sponsor an Olive Tree. Sponsorship covers the cost
of the young plant, distribution, planting and information for the farmers on the
best techniques for olive tree care and production improvement. The cost also covers
an official certificate, a sponsor label to be inscribed with the sponsor\'s name and
put up in the field where his/her tree is planted and miscellaneous implementation
costs of the project. Three-year old, solid, young plants are used in order to
optimize survival potential.

Every sponsor will receive a certificate and an indication of the location of their

Archbishop Gary Beaver is asking for people of all faiths to support in helping us
KEEP HOPE ALIVE within Palestinian communities throughout the West Bank and that
public participation in this campaign will be the first step in an ongoing
partnership and solidarity with the Palestinian people.

You can Email to obtain details on how to sponsor an olive tree.

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The Parade
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