BlabberMouth PR Executive Director, Dr Duana C Welch, Addresses Texas Table Advocacy Organizations

Released on = September 30, 2006, 4:24 am

Press Release Author = BlabberMouth PR

Industry = Government

Press Release Summary = Dr. Welch seminar provides germane how-to for garnering
publicity for Texas' only statewide collective of progressive advocacy groups.

Press Release Body = Duana C. Welch, Ph.D., executive director for BlabberMouth
L.P., the only public relations agency to offer 100% senior-level representation,
recently presented a seminar to the Texas Table, Texas' only organization that
coalesces statewide progressive advocacy groups, yielding a powerful unification to
leverage their position as a collective. Welch's presentation, titled "PR:
Capturing Mindshare for Your Organization," provided a means for organizations to
utilize effective media relations strategies to reach their target audiences.

Stated Deece Eckstein, the Texas Table's founder and the Director for the Texas and
Southwest region of People For The American Way, a national progressive advocacy
organization, "Progressives spend too much time in their issue silos, and so there
is a lack of cohesion among the groups. The Texas Table was created to eradicate
this obstacle through strength in unity, and one route towards being heard involves
media relations. Duana's presentation to us served a pivotal role in educating our
leaders regarding what they can do to be recognized, legitimized, and heard via the
press. Duana's professionalism and seniority added up to a delightful, witty, and
above all, helpful discourse urgently needed among Texas' progressive advocacy

At Eckstein's invitation, Dr. Welch created and delivered the seminar, which
emphasized the distinction between public relations and other related endeavors; the
role in which PR garners credibility for advocacy organizations; and the manner in
which organization leaders can maximize media relations to capture public and
legislative attention for their messaging towards ends such as increasing their
branding and visibility, raising funds, and enhancing memberships.

Stated Patti Hill, President and founder of BlabberMouth PR, "Advocacy organizations
such as the Texas Table must brand themselves among the voting public and
legislative bodies in order to further their initiatives. However, the progress
these organizations embody cannot be communicated and ultimately achieved without
effective media relations. We are honored to have been invited to inform the Texas
Table toward that end, and look forward to continuing our role as a catalyst for
myriad organizations."

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