Jennings Moves Rhode Island Board for New Election, 8th Ward Providence Race continues Wednesday

Released on = September 26, 2006, 11:51 am

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Press Release Summary = Amid allegations of Fraud and Improprieites in the Ward 8
election, Jennings is moving for a new election as the numbers prove ballot stuffing
and administrative errors.

Press Release Body = Jennings Moves RI Board for New Election
8th Ward Providence Race continues Wednesday

(8th Ward, Providence, RI, USA) Motions for a new election in the Ward 8 City
Council race have been filed by Attorney Keven A. McKenna with the State Board of
Elections on behalf of Wilbur W. Jennings Jr. with open support from the newly
formed Ward 8 Neighborhood Action Committee.

Attorney McKenna has filed two motions for a new election due to "Ballot Stuffing"
and a "Failure to count Provisional Ballots" which will be heard Wednesday at 4pm.

According to Laurence K. Flynn, executive secretary of the Providence Board of
Canvassers and Attorney McKenna, "When the number of ballots cast does not equal the
number of people who voted, we have an over vote, also called ballot stuffing."

\"The Providence Board of Canvassers has verified that there are 24 more votes than
people who voted," McKenna said. "Since this number of votes is less than the number
that separated the candidates in the election, we can never be sure that this vote
reflects the will of the voters in the Ward 8 democratic primary."

"In addition to the 24 stuffed votes, we also have 20 provisional ballots that were
cast but not counted because they have no way to be verified due to administrative
errors," McKenna went on. "Because these 24 votes on their own could ALSO have
decided the election, we made a separate motion for a new election based on that as

\"In Burns v. Griffin" McKenna explained, "It was held that a new election is
required if the votes lost because of administrative errors are greater than the
margin in the election. This is because due process protects a citizen\'s right to
have his or her votes counted."

\"I believe, and I hope the board agrees, that the only way to resolve this matter
quickly and fairly, and in a manner that will forestall other allegations and
matters that the board has heard and may have yet to hear, is another Democratic
Primary for 8th Ward Councilman" McKenna said. "This way the voters will know that
the allegations and statements we have heard of serious improprieties and outright
fraud are negated by this new election."

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The press site with a copy of the motions and supporting cases can be viewed at

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