Proposed Australian Migration Policies Do Not Deter Skilled Migrants

Released on = September 21, 2006, 5:00 am

Press Release Author = Neoli Marcos

Industry = Government

Press Release Summary = Australia remains a promising mecca for skilled workers and
professionals from all over the world.

Press Release Body = Hawthorn, Australia, 21 September 2006--- Australia remains a
promising mecca for skilled workers and professionals from all over the world.
Following a slight dip in visitor entrance in the country, (0.7% lower in July of
this year than the previous month), the country's tourism is again gaining foothold.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Australia receives a net gain of 1
international migrant every 4 minutes and 47 seconds--a welcome onslaught of
migrants that is reshaping the already multi-culturally diverse population of the
country. Currently there is a skill shortage in Australia as more and more elderly
Australian employees are retiring. This is why the Migration Institute of Australia
is tapping skilled workers and professionals of various fields to fill in the
country's growing vacancies. In particular, Australia needs qualified engineers,
accountants, builders, miners, health care practitioners.

Lately though, Australia has proposed some changes in its skilled migrants scheme.
The previous three-years waiting period for a migrant to be an Australian citizen is
set to become four. In addition to this, migrants will have to take an English
proficiency test and rigorous skills assessment before they are considered eligible
for entrance in the country. While this may sound bad news for skilled migrants,
the proposed changes are in fact for their benefit, says the MIA, since they are
against exploitation by Australian employers.

Despite this, skilled workers, especially from Great Britain, New Zealand, India,
China, and Japan, continue to flock in the country. Australia's non-discriminatory
migration policy is one of the most reasonable in the world. And with it\'s
wide-range of visas for every unique situation (more conveniently secured online),
more migrants are entitled to their hopes of better living and job opportunities in

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