Australia Updates Its List of Most In-Demand Occupations to Revitalize Immigration

Released on = October 12, 2006, 6:54 am

Press Release Author = Neoli Marcos

Industry = Government

Press Release Summary = Nine new professions have been added to the Migration
Occupations in Demand List (MODL), which are expected to make Australian immigration
more vibrant than it already is.

Press Release Body = Hawthorn, Australia 12 October 2006--- Good news to skilled
migrants dreaming of better job opportunities in the Land Down Under. The
Australian Government has updated its list of most in-demand occupation to include
nine new professions.

The Migration Occupations in Demand List (MODL) is a list of most in-demand
professions crucial and invaluable to Australian economy, as identified by the
Department of Employment and Workplace Relations (DEWR) based on key businesses and
industries that need them most. The country for the past three years or so has been
experiencing a heavy skills shortage, which only skilled immigrants can answer.

Nine new professions have been added to the Migration Occupations in Demand List
(MODL), which are expected to make Australian immigration more vibrant than it
already is. Amanda Vanstone, minister for Immigration and Multicultural Affairs
(DIMA) and minister for Employment and Workplace Relations Kevin Andrews, have
teamed up in preparing the list to ensure the efficient and rejuvenated flow of
skilled migrants into the country.

The Australian visa is based on a point system, which means the more points an
applicant incurs, the more chances of his or her being granted an Australian visa.
Professionals whose occupation falls under the MODL automatically gain an additional
15 or 20 points. As such, their Australian visa application will be fast-tracked
and made easier.

Further information on the operation of the MODL is available from the Department of
Immigration and Multicultural Affairs. Each MODL is effective from the date of
publication in the Commonwealth of Australia Gazette, unless otherwise specified in
the Gazette Notice.

\"The MODL now includes 35 managerial and professional occupations, one associate
professional occupation, nine computing specialisations and 41 trade occupations,\"
Mr Andrews said.

\"From today, General Skilled Migration [GSM] visa applicants who have recognised
qualifications in one of the nine new occupations and specialisations will be
awarded additional points.

The new updated MODL include:

. Child Care Coordinator
. Computing Professional - specialising in C++/C#/C
. Computing Professional - specialising in J2EE
. Computing Professional - specialising in Java
. Computing Professional - specialising in Oracle
. Computing Professional - specialising in PeopleSoft
. Electrical Engineer
. Mechanical Engineer
. Surveyor

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