Released on = October 11, 2006, 11:31 am

Press Release Author = 1 Simple Solution

Industry = Government

Press Release Summary = A Plea For Sanity

Press Release Body = I exist in a strange world. On the one hand, I live on a farm
situated high in the Outeniqua Mountain Range of South Africa and I\'m surrounded by
peace and beauty, which is very conducive to my writing. On the other hand, I have
instant satellite access to the modern World\'s News and Technology and I supplement
my income by operating an Internet Business Website.

I see the World from both sides, and there are many days that I am overcome by the
cruelty of the modern World. It is especially terrible that modern man has achieved
a place where no child is safe. A place where children are dying every day in the
Middle East and where children are molested and prostituted in Europe and Asia;
where the innocent and helpless are killed in their schools in America and are dying
of hunger in Africa. May God forgive us, for becoming a society so focused on
attaining material wealth that we\'ve lost sight of the fact that it\'s our
responsibility to protect and guide our children.

What I\'m trying to say is perhaps best explained by a passage taken from a work
titled Children of the Wind:

\'This is a sad place, Heather,\' the old man answered. \'It suits Government to have
consumer based societies; heavily indebted people are easy to track down and
control. People are encouraged to live out their lives in the endless pursuit of
possessions and wealth, and they\'ve lost their spirituality and their freedom. They
grasp at the material, not to fulfill their needs, but to gain recognition in the
eyes of their peers. It is the only way they know of judging their self worth,\' his
words fell on a hushed audience. \'They live in mansions, with rooms that are never
used, maintain gardens that are never walked in, and have families they seldom see
because all of their time is taken up trying to accumulate more. To know what
season it is, they look at a calendar. They do not experience the crisp air and
colors in autumn, or smell the sweet scents in spring.\'

I don\'t know how - but somehow - we have got to turn it around. Perhaps the
children will forgive us, and lead us back from the dark path we are set on.

Lyn Roux

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Contact Details = Lyn Roux
P O Box 824
George , 6530


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