Explore the lost worlds in the Flat World of New York Times writer Thomas Friedman

Released on = October 1, 2006, 7:57 pm

Press Release Author = Tapsearch Com Editor

Industry = Government

Press Release Summary = Ray Tapajna, Editor and Artist from Art that Talks and
Tapart News covering the issues of Globalization, Free Trade and Workers Dignity
from the perspective of the streets of USA, challenges Thomas Friedman Flat World

Press Release Body = Explore the lost worlds in the Globalist Free-Traders Flat
World of Thomas Friedman with Ray Tapajna, Editor and Artist at Art that Talks and
Tapart News at www.tapsearch.com/tapartnews

Ray Tapajna challenges Friedman\'s statistics and his references under his so called
\"Flatteners\" that are supposedly periods in history that set the way for
Globalization and Free Trade. Friedman reverses cause and effect in several of his
examples with Free Trade being the cause and not effect of several events. See
www.tapsearch.com/flatworld or www.tapsearch.com/flipflatworld

Ray Tapajna provides a list of counter-flatteners from the real world from the
streets of USA.

Thomas Friedman ignores the most important factor.Workers have no voice in the
process of Globalization and Free Trade and history tells us what happens when this
occurs. Workers will not tolerate power and money that control their destinies in a
Global plantation way.

Workers feel \"unnetted\" for if you are not part of any network in the Flat World,
you do not exist. Many are indeed missing in action from any kind of real reporting.

See review of the \"unnetted\" at

Web Site = http://tapsearch.com/flatworld/

Contact Details = Ray Tapajna and
Tapsearch Editor
14524 Orchard Park
Cleveland, Ohio 44111
Fax 216-671-2037

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