Providence Election Race moves to RI Supreme Court

Released on = October 2, 2006, 6:44 pm

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Press Release Summary = RI Board of Elections refers evidence heard concerning votes
and voters to RI State Police, then turns around and relies on those same votes and
voters. Issue moves to RI supreme court.

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October 2, 2006
For Immediate Release
Contact: Bob Cooper,, 401-447-6474 Days/Evenings
Hillary Joyce Scott, 261-2319, Wilbur Jennings, 401-461-3176
Atty Keven A. McKenna\'s office - 273-8200
Providence Ward 8 Council Race Continues
This time in RI Supreme Court
(Providence, Rhode Island, USA) The Ward 8 city council election will continue
according to Attorney Keven A. McKenna, who will be filing papers on behalf of
Wilbur W. Jennings Board of Elections hearing to the Rhode Island Supreme Court
\"We will be at the Supreme Court today to file a writ, a stay, and a request for an
order of a new election\" McKenna said this morning. \"Evidence continues to come
forward that the will of the people of Ward 8 has not only been diluted, but that
many have been disenfranchised by their votes not being counted.\"
\"In effect the Board is disenfranchising voters." McKenna said in an interview this
morning. "On the one hand, the Board of Elections called in the State Police to
investigate serious evidence uncovered in the 8th ward, yet the board now is
confirming an election using the very votes, voters and issues they called in the
State Police to investigate."
"The pressures and time constraints of the Election schedule have obviously
compelled the Board of Elections to willfully and knowingly disregard their own
request of a State Police Investigation and now rely on the tainted voters and votes
they put in question to certify an election they know is clouded in suspicion"
McKenna said today.
"The ONLY way to remove the cloud over this election . . . by that I mean to correct
the many administrative errors, improprieties, and alleged fraud and prove to the
voters that this is NOT Florida, and show them by example that we take elections
seriously here, is to grant a new election."
"We will continue to seek justice for Wilbur Jennings and the people of Ward 8 who
regardless of the time constraints are entitled to be re-enfranchised and their
votes count fairly, completely, and without dilution" McKenna concluded.
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