After Thousands of Years, an Awesome Comeback for Women

Released on = November 9, 2006, 9:37 am

Press Release Author = Ana Chiappori / A.J. Place

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Press Release Summary = The first woman to lead the Episcopal Church marked an
awesome comeback for her gender. Women were the top religious leaders in Europe many thousands of years ago. Asian invaders suppressed their rights, usually killing,
maiming or burning them.

Press Release Body = When Rt. Rev. Katharine Jefferts Schori became the first woman
to lead the Episcopal Church on November 2006, she marked an awesome comeback for
her gender. Women were the top religious leaders many thousands of years ago, in
Europe and the Mediterranean Coast. Then Asian tribes started to invade the region.
They deprived women of their roles and rights, usually killing, maiming or burning

During the coldest episode of the Ice Age, European people suffered a near
extinction event. Only a few female-centered families survived in the Pyrenees and
in the Northern Balkans. They repopulated Europe, leaving a DNA trail that Dr. J.F.
del Giorgio describes in "The Oldest Europeans: Who are we? Where do we come from?
What made European women different?" (A.J. Place, $18.95)

They spoke a tongue akin to present Basque. German academicians have recently mapped the names they left in Europe. Women had and extraordinary status in these tribes. A Roman writer that met some of their descendants qualified them as matriarchal. They were plainly matrilineal, matrilocal and matrifocal.
About eight thousand years ago, patriarchal tribes that spoke Indo-European
languages started pouring into Europe. Their language came from a zone near present
Iran. They brought with them farming techniques, state-of-the-art warfare and total
contempt for females. At first, being a minority, they compromised, adopting the
religious, political and social systems they met. New waves of invaders kept coming,
adopting each time harsher policies. They finally took all rights from women. Greek
women were confined inside gynoecia. In Rome, any husband could kill his wife.
Women managed to keep some rights only in the western fringe of Europe. From there,
feminist movements sprang up. They rekindled an old, old fight. This time, at least,
females regained terrain.
According to del Giorgio, present freedom and democratic traditions in Europe (and
their offshoots in other continents) are a legacy from those ancient females.
Children raised in families where women were respected tended to abhor authoritarian
leaders. Welcome, Rt. Rev. Katharine Jefferts Schori.

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