An International Plea for Blissful Bali

Released on = November 6, 2006, 4:48 am

Press Release Author = Dr Mahendra Shah

Industry = International Trade

Press Release Summary = Continuing travel warnings to Bali by developed country
Governments such USA, UK, Australia, Japan etc are unjust and unfair as Bali is as
safe a place as any in the world of today. The threats of terrorism exist in New
York, London and Mumbai but there are no travel warnings to these destinations.

Press Release Body =

PRESS RELEASE: 6th November 2006
An International Plea for Blissful Bali

Bali, a small island with a population of about 3 million, has been repeatedly
recognized in recent years as the Best Holiday and Spa destination in the world. At
the same time the last four years have resulted in severe economic and social
impacts, primarily a direct consequence of the continuing travel warnings,
especially in the major developed countries.

The loss of life and economic damage in 2002 and 2005 bombings were tragic and
substantive. However the threats of terrorism are world wide, including New York,
London and Mumbai. But there are no travel warnings to these destinations. So one
might ask why Bali is singled out for continuing travel warnings and bans.

Bali today needs a champion to mobilize international support and solidarity. The
developed nations cannot be relied upon as they issued and continue with the travel
warnings. It is recognized that 21st century in all likeliness will belong to Asia
and the Pacific region in terms of economic growth and development progress. India,
with its emerging economic and political stature in the world has long historical
links with Indonesia and especially Bali. Traditionally India has been a voice of
the poor and discriminated in the United Nations Group of 77.

A high level political voice from India in support of Bali emphasizing that it is
as safe a place as any in the world of today might even arouse the conscious and
concern of the politicians and decision-makers in the major developed countries
regarding the injustice and unfairness of their continuing travel warnings to Bali.

More then the world of politics, support to the victims of many disasters around the
world has been triggered by prominent individuals, especially musicians and actors.
In Bali, more then anywhere else then India, Bollywood is loved and forms the basis
of much entertainment, love and joy. The icons of Bollywood such as Amita Bachan,
Sharukh Khan, Aishwarya Rai, and Aamir Khan could speak out in support of Bali and
the impact would be as phenomenal as Bob Geldorf and Band Aid triggered and aroused
the Governments around the world to commit relief aid during the African famine in
1985. This certainly would be a welcome step in Asia to position the region as one
that can truly take pride in owning the 21st century world of social and economic

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