CANADIAN BILLIONAIRES - complete contact info available

Released on = November 26, 2006, 2:01 pm

Press Release Author = Ben Henry Campbell

Industry = International Trade

Press Release Summary = A secret website publishes a computer diskette recording
with complete contact information for the Richest Persons in Canada. Website:

Press Release Body = Now you can obtain complete \"contact information\" for the
Richest Persons in Canada. The information comes complete with mailing addresses and
telephone numbers. The contact information has been word processed and recorded on a
computer disktette easily useable on most dektop computers. The diskette is
available from the website at URL:

The diskette has an entire webpage devoted to it and is completely discribed on
the webpage. The information on the diskette includes the names of the Canadian
Superrich, their corporate names, corporate addresses, telephone numbers, and
fax numbers. All the information you would need to contact and communicate with
these Canadian superrich.
This information could become invaluable to Canadian newspaper editors, Canadian
magazine editors, Canadian tv news directors, or persons who need to communicate
with the richest persons in Canada. The Canadian superrich include: Paul
Desmarais Sr....Harrison and Wallace McCain....Charles Bronfman....David
Thomson....Emanuele Saputo....Jean Couto....Jeff Skoll....Eugene Melnyk....Ron &
Fred Mannix....David Azrilli....W. Galen Weston....John Irving....Bernard
Sherman....James Pattison....Andre Bombardier and many other Superrich Canadians.
This may well be the only website on the internet where you can actually purchase
\"contact information\" for any Canadian Billionaires.
If, you need or want to communicate with Canada\'s richest persons, then, you
should visit the website at:


Web Site =

Contact Details = Ben Henry Campbell

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