Concrete Sealer Uses Nanotechnology to Put an End to Concrete Damage

Released on = November 4, 2006, 9:40 am

Press Release Author = David M. Bresnahan

Industry = Chemicals

Press Release Summary = A network of local applicators are busy sealing driveways,
basements, and other concrete structures from the ravages of nature. The
one-of-a-kind treatment uses nanotechnology.

Press Release Body = Cedar Rapids, Iowa -- Homebuilders say the most frequent concern
expressed by homeowners is related to the deterioration of concrete
driveways, side walks, patios, and basements.

Sun, rain, salt, oil, and other spills are the enemies of concrete. The
damage they cause lowers the value of homes and makes them harder to
sell because of the poor eye-appeal of damaged concrete.

\"When homeowners learn that their driveway can be easily and
inexpensively protected from all these damages, they become anxious to
talk to one of our local dealers,\" said Robert Lysne, founder of Seal
America, Inc.

Local crews are able to easily clean concrete, brick, mortar, tile and
grout, pavers, and all other masonry type surfaces. Then they apply a
unique sealer that works based on nanotechnology to permanently protect
concrete from damages from water, salt, sun, freeze and thaw cycles, and
even from oil and acids.

\"Sever abrasion is the only enemy of our Seal Guard products. Our
guarantees range up to 25 years, depending upon the application,\"
explained Lysne. \"Seal America, Inc, through our national team of
licensed distributors and applicators, can offer permanent protection
for almost any surface.\"

The science is also used to seal other surfaces as well. Wood decks,
awnings, boat sails, canvas covers, tents, furniture, and even clothes
and shoes can be protected from the damage from the elements.

\"Our most exciting application is our graffiti removal products. Our
graffiti specialists can quickly and completely remove the toughest
graffiti, then protect the surface from future graffiti and taggers,\"
said Lysne. \"Permanent markers and paint virtually rinse off all
substrates with ease.\"

The products are non-toxic and have no negative effects on human health
or the environment.

About Seal America, Inc.
Seal America, Inc, is establishing a national team of licensed
distributors and applicators who can offer permanent protection for
almost any surface. The treatment can prevent the ravages of salt,
freeze and thaw cycles, oil spills, general aging, moisture, and
graffiti. The company provides detailed information on a web site at

Press Contact:
Robert Lysne

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