Democrats Take Congress Future Looks Green

Released on = November 24, 2006, 7:13 pm

Press Release Author = Asian Carbon Credit Exchange

Industry = Government

Press Release Summary = China Seen As Gold Rush for Carbon Investors.

Press Release Body = The Carbon Credits market and American participation in it are
among the hot topics in Washington. Board members from the Asian Carbon Trade
Exchange (ACT) have already made the trip to the US capitol to discuss carbon
futures with legislators and environmental activists. Many are not aware of the
impact carbon futures can play in efforts to reduce the threat of global warming.

The Kyoto Protocol outlines a strategic solution to the greenhouse gas emissions
problem that allows free market pressures to impact the effectiveness of companies
to solve the problem.

The Kyoto Protocol, which the US failed to ratify, may see new life due to this
month\'s thrashing of Republican lawmakers. The gain by the Democrats of 6 Senate
seats and 29 House seats puts the Party in a great position to steer the Congress
towards more environmental responsibility.

Many Americans have dismissed the GOP when it comes to environmental issues.
Seemingly always on the side of big business, the Republican Party errs on the side
of profits when environmental issues arise. Washington insiders believe the attitude
is changing in response to public pressure. Greenhouse gas emissions and renewable
energy resources may finally be discussed seriously in the halls of Congress.

Farmers and investors alike are keeping a close eye on the discussions regarding
Carbon Credits and Emissions Trading. Farmers are being encouraged to plan for
afforestation projects. Investors are seeing the explosive potential in Carbon

The Carbon Market grew to an estimated US$21.5 billion in the first three quarters
of the year 2006. While the European markets dominated the emissions trading, China
was responsible for 60% of the project-based market, valued at US$2.41 billion. The
Asian Carbon Trade Exchange is uniquely positioned to take advantage of China\'s need
to be a vigorous participant in the various projects that will increase their carbon
credits position in the marketplace. The Board of Directors at ACT is convinced that
China will lead the way in Asia\'s efforts to combat global warming. Expectations for
rapid growth are prompting ACT to expand its Chinese operation in the coming weeks.

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