RNCOS Technological Excellence Comes to Blogosphere

Released on = November 4, 2006, 1:05 am

Press Release Author = Shushmul Maheshwari

Industry = International Trade

Press Release Summary = Are you IT savvy and searching for more information on this
sector? If so, the IT, Telecom and Consumer Electronics Research blog by RNCOS is
just the right blog you must read.

Press Release Body = Are you amongst those who believe that a market research firm
can only sell information? If so, I would like to let you know about RNCOS- a
leading market research & analysis firm. The firm has, recently, come up with IT,
Telecom and Consumer Electronics Research blog, which provide you with the most
recent news and developments in this sector.

Written in plain and easily readable English, this blog offers you with all you
might be looking for in an IT, Telecom and Consumer Electronics Research blog. The
best part of this blog is that not only is it informative, it includes proper
analysis and dependable predictions about the industry. So, you don’t need to
scroll through various news sources to fetch one page of useful information.

The blog is an innovation from RNCOS to extend its excellence in industrial research
to blogosphere, thus, aiming to provide useful & relevant content to billions of web
surfers across the globe.

Latest news, analysis, significant forecasts & reliable surveys are the key features
that you will find on RNCOS’ IT, Telecom and Consumer Electronics blog. This
blog offers a useful insight into key technological areas of Information Technology,
Telecom & Consumer Electronics like Software, Wireless, Mobile, RFID, CCTV, GPS,
Smart Cards, DRM and various other aspects of technology in an attempt to keep you
informed and interested.

You can also read related data, extracts & forecasts from best-selling market
research reports from RNCOS like “Global IPTV Market Analysis
(2006-2010)” and “Digital Rights Management: Opportunities
(2006)”. Besides this the blog provides with links to latest reports from
RNCOS, and other blogs maintained by RNCOS. Therefore, it covers all major sectors &
industries. You can also subscribe to receive the first copy of updated blog.

Upcoming research reports from RNCOS are also displayed on the blog, as the firm
welcomes the feedback and suggestions from interested parties before finalizing the

To summarize, RNCOS’ IT, Telecom and Consumer Electronics Research blog is
your destination for latest news, views & reviews to keep you up-to-date with latest
happenings in IT, Telecom & Consumer Electronics Industry.

RNCOS is dedicated to provide its customers with the services that are simply the
best in the industry. Our analysts are highly skilled and pay attention to detail,
which is reflected in our reports. The quality assurance team of RNCOS guarantees
the authenticity and reliability of the content published by it.

Please feel free to visit our newly launched Industry News Blog section at:

Web Site = http://www.rncos.com

Contact Details =
Shushmul Maheshwari
Head of Business Development
29, 1st Floor, Patparganj Industrial Area, Delhi 92

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