Repub and Democratic Ward Committee Chairs file Complaint in Providence, RI

Released on = November 3, 2006, 7:10 am

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Press Release Summary = Ward 8 Democrat & Republican Committees agree that Mayor
endorsed candidate Leon F. Tejada does not live in ward and file complaint with US
Attorney, RI Attorney General, RI Board of Elections and RI State Police

Press Release Body = (Providence , Rhode Island , USA , Ward 8) Providence
Republican Committee Chairman David B. Talan and Democratic Committee Chairman
Wilbur W. Jennings Jr. have lodged a formal complaint with the US Attorney
questioning the Mayor Cicilline candidate Leon F. Tejada who they say never moved
into the 8th ward and so cannot properly represent the people of Ward 8.

"Mayor Cicilline and his director of neighborhood services, Gonzalo Cuervo know
Tejada does not live in the ward" said Democratic Ward Chairman Jennings in a
statement. "They know he doesn't live on Stadden Street , and didn't buy a house on
Potter Drive . They they know that he was moved here because the Mayor could not
control any of the candidates likely to win the seat." "In the primary, life long
ward residents had their votes diluted by outsiders brought into the ward. The Board
of Elections, although tied two to two on our complaint for a new election, DID find
sufficient credible evidence and valid witness statements to order the information
sent to the State Police for further investigation."

"Leon F. Tejada does not live in the ward" agreed Republican Ward Chairman Dave
Talan. "We know he doesn't live on Stadden Street , nor did he buy a house on Potter
Drive ." "How can you vote for a councilman you can't find to discuss problems with?
How can he identify with the problems we have here?" "Even his website does not have
any contact information," Talan went on, "and I expect his allegiance will be to the
people who got him elected, not the people in this ward he is supposed to

Mayoral control of the city council is at stake, and a Tejada win would most likely
wrest the presidency from current president John J. Lombardi to give the Mayor a far
more "pliable" council to work with.

Democratic Ward Chairman Jennings and Republican Ward Chairman Talan also filed
joint complaints yesterday with the Board of Elections, the Rhode Island Attorney
General and will be filing today with the Rhode Island State Police.

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