SWISSFUND - political fund raising advisory gears-up for 2007 Swiss National election

Released on = November 1, 2006, 1:08 pm

Press Release Author = Ben Henry Campbell

Industry = Government

Press Release Summary = SWISSFUND, a political fund raising advisory, is gearing up
for the 2007 Swiss National Election which is expected to be a very confrontational

Press Release Body = The 2006 Wall Street boom was world-wide and has actually
caused change in politics world-wide. And, on top of that major swiss banking institutes are expected to play a more active role in the swiss political scene in 2007. Do to these fact and others, the political fund raising advisory SWISSFUND has been gearing up for an election that nobody can, at this time, can predict the election outcome. SWISSFUND explains its services on its website at:

The fund raising advisory provides counselling on direct mail fund raising,
celebrity endorsements, fund raising dinner production, special event
coordination, in-person solicitation, fund raising strategy, and solving serious
fund raising problems.
Funds raised by the advisory are from Swiss Citizens (mostly) and donors are
qualified according to the fact that their political ideas and beliefs are the
very same or very similar to the respective candidate. The only exception is when
a very wealthy donor has the practice of donating to 3 or 4 different swiss
political parties. (Some swiss billionaires do). They don\'t know who will win
until it actually happens and they want to stay non-combative with public
The SWISSFUND does not practice any particular political philosophy and,
therefore, the fund raising servcies are available to members of the SVP, PRD,
CVP, FDP swiss political parties. We\'re fund raisers not opinion makers stated
one of the fund raising counsellors.
The 2007 Swiss National Election will be for the offices of CHANCELLOR,
Council of States, and the National Council.
Very few of the super-wealthy citizen of Switzerland play an active role in
politics, preferring to leave it to those who know, understand, and participate in
politics. However, they ALL make political donations.
SWISSFUND practices the type of fund raising taught at NEW SCHOOL UNIVERSITY in
New York City, and fund raising practices taught at Indiana State University, Fund
Raising Institute.
All fund raising is in compliance with the Laws of Switzerland and performed under
fair, ethical, and honest conditions.
All literature created by SWISSFUND, for swiss political candidates, is written in
the Swiss language and to appeal to the thoughts of swiss citizens.
Often the fund raising services are performed in confidentiality and the fact the
SWISSFUND advised the candidate is not disclosed publically.
SWISSFUND can arrange for celebrity endorsements from persons who share the
beliefs and thoughts of the respective candidate.
For additional information visit the SWISSFUND website at:


Web Site =

Contact Details = Ben Henry Campbell
Tel: 323-573-2501

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