SWISSFUND claims they will WIN 2007 Swiss Election using secret techniques

Released on = November 29, 2006, 2:21 pm

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Industry = Government

Press Release Summary = SWISSFUND, fund raising advisory, claims that they will win
the \"2007 Swiss Election\" with the application of secret tactics and techniques.

Press Release Body = The 2007 Swiss Election is expected to be one of the most
competitive elections in recent years. And, SWISSFUND, the \"super-secret\" swiss
political fund raising advisory, claims that they will be the winners of the 2007
Swiss Election, because of the use of \"super-secret\" techniques that other fund
raising advisors don\'t use and don\'t really even know about.
Additional information about the servcies of Swissfund are available on the
website at URL:

SWISSFUND which performs fund raising advisory servcies for swiss political
candidates, stated recently that during the 2007 Swiss Election, the fund raising
counsellor will apply \"super-secret\" TRIZ decision making techniques which they
expect will result in an election win for SWISSFUND.
Most political consultants will tell you that a professional \"public image\" is
what wins elections. Others will claim that the \"Candidate\'s postion on the
issues\" is what wins elections. and, still other experts will swear that
\"candidate promises\" win elections. And, of course, there are consultants that
think that \"playing honest, fair, and truthfulness\" is what is needed to win
elections. And, political consultants will always tell you that \"expertise
campaign management\" wins elections. The truth is that all of these \"election
strategies\" can be helpful in winning an election. However, SWISSFUND thinks that
\"strategic techniques\" applied professionally will win elections. And, SWISSFUND
claims that it will win the 2007 Swiss Election, because it applied super-secret
TRIZ decision making techniques.
SWISSFUND did not explain what TRIZ techniques are, but, did say that TRIZ is one
of those \"super-secrets\" that the CIA obtained from the KGB during the cold-war.
TRIZ was invented by Genrich S. Altshuller a patent expert in the former Soviet
Union (Now CIS-Commonwealth of Independent States). Genrich developed his 40
Inventive Principles, which when applied will cause you to arrive at a expert
solution to any problem. TRIZ uses models and decision charts to make decisions,
to increase the probabilities of success, and to cause professional practice.
(SWISSFUND political fund raising services are not available in Russia, but, are
available to Swiss political candidates). (Swiss political parties include: SVP,
SWISSFUND fund raising advisory services are available to swiss political
candidates up for election to the Swiss National Council, Swiss Council of
States, and/or the Swiss Federal Council.
Will SWISSFUND win the 2007 Swiss Election with the application of \"super-secret\"
decision making techniques? Lets see.
Visit the SWISSFUND website at URL:


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