Sign the Petition to Legalize Online Gambling

Released on = November 2, 2006, 7:36 am

Press Release Author = Jim Nickogoski

Industry = Government

Press Release Summary = This is a call to protest, to every American citizen that is
tired of having their rights striped away one at a time, by a government that seems
to worry more about getting reelected then improving the lives of its citizens.

Press Release Body = The new online gambling ban is causing quite a stir, and many
Americans have started to complain, so one man has decided to take on the American
Government and fight for his right to risk his financial security by starting an
online petition and becoming the voice of protest in the USA

Angry at the new US regulations banning Americans from playing at online casinos, a
lone gambler has decided to fight the US government on his own. Jim Nickogoski,
hailing from the small town of Lackawaxen in Pennsylvania created a petition aimed
at fuelling the protest against the recent ban on online gambling. He has named it
the Angry Online Gambler and you can find it at

Politicians only care about elections and keeping there jobs, so by using the
petition I am hoping to use it as leverage to get them to fear for their jobs till
they have to legalize gambling or risk unemployment.

"The reason I started this petition is because I am tired of the American government
thinking it has the right to tell me what's best for me. I say it is my right as an
American to make that decision, and if the government disagrees with me, I will vote
for someone who does agree with me."

Please do not think that Jim is one of these anti government people, He loves his
country and the system of government, but he feels that this new law is an
infringement of our constitutional rights, and until they take away his right to
free speech he plan on using it.

Besides the Petition the site also offers a place for likeminded gamblers to leave
comments or just to vent their frustration with the online gambling ban. Jim is also
working on adding an area that will inform people where they can find protest in
their local areas and email addresses of congressmen for letter writing campaigns,
and you can even play a few hands of Caribbean poker, but just for fun.

Remember the job of the government is to run things to make our lives better, not
treat us like little children who do not know to come in out of the rain.

Jim Nickogoski is a resident of Lackawaxen Pennsylvania and owns his own handyman
business. During the summer he also works part time at the local summer camp. When
he is not working, he can usually be found participating in his latest hobby online
poker. If you are interested in signing his petition it is at

Web Site =

Contact Details = Jim Nickogoski
188 scenic drive
lackawaxen PA

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