Centrist Leadership Alliance Political Action Committee Formed

Released on = December 17, 2006, 7:46 pm

Press Release Author = Steven Sieber

Industry = Government

Press Release Summary = On December 11, 2006 Centrist Leadership Alliance was formed
in Missouri for the purpose of helping get elected centrists to state offices.


Steven Sieber
Centrist Leadership Alliance
Phone: 314-275-4083

Centrist Leadership Alliance Political Action Committee Formed

Group to lead effort to elect centrists to state political offices

ST. LOUIS - December 17, 2006 - "Centrist Leadership Alliance's goal is to encourage
a political environment where bipartisan cooperation and principled leadership trump
special interests and political gridlock, to be achieved through the election of
centrists from both parties," said Steven Sieber, founder and treasurer of the
political action committee that was recognized by the Missouri Ethics Commission
December 11, 2006.

Sieber says that he expects support from across the political spectrum. He is hoping
that Democrats, Independents, and Republicans who feel disaffected, or are just
looking for change, will find the political action committee a welcome respite from
partisan politics.

"It didn't seem to be enough just to show up on Election Day and cast a ballot.
Despite whom I voted for, it seemed that both parties were going to value
partisanship over bipartisan cooperation. I have a feeling that many of my friends
and neighbors feel the same way, and I think will be attracted to the goals of CLA,"
Sieber said.

Centrist Leadership Alliance's strategy is to raise funds through their website and
occasional mailings, and to disperse those funds to candidates they have endorsed.
To be endorsed, candidates must fill out the candidate questionnaire and meet the
minimum criteria set forth by CLA. "However," said Sieber, "CLA is still working on
the questionnaire to determine whether a candidate is truly going to be a centrist,
and fight for what is in the best interest of all Missourians."

As of the December 11 filing, the Centrist Leadership Alliance will only be
contributing to, and endorsing candidates for state offices, which excludes
candidates for U.S. Congress and president.

For additional information, please visit Centrist Leadership Alliance's website:

ABOUT CENTRIST LEADERSHIP ALLIANCE - Centrist Leadership Alliance is a political
action committee established in the State of Missouri for the purpose of
contributing to, and endorsing centrist candidates for state office.

- END -

Web Site = http://www.centristleadership.org/

Contact Details = Steven Sieber
Centrist Leadership Alliance
PO Box 46801
St. Louis, MO 63146

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