ET2C International Inc and Uniserve Group Ltd Create New UK Partnership - ET2C Europe Ltd

Released on = December 7, 2006, 9:21 pm

Press Release Author = ET2C International Inc.

Industry = International Trade


Press Release Body = Shanghai, China, 5th December 2006 - A new UK-based partnership
between the founders of Shanghai-based ET2C International Inc. and Tilbury-based
Uniserve Group Ltd. has been created.

The new company, ET2C Europe Ltd., will give UK-based clients of both companies a
full range of Product Sourcing, QC, and Logistics solutions.

The unbeatable combination of ET2C International Inc.'s direct export capabilities
from China and Uniserve Group Ltd's award-winning logistics services will create a
truly integrated service in the UK from which clients of both companies can benefit.

"As the British International Freight Association's 2002 Air Freight Forwarder of
the Year for China Imports, Uniserve Group is the ideal partner for ET2C
International in the UK," according to Jonathan Fayers, ET2C International Inc.'s
Marketing Director in Shanghai.

Headquartered at Tilbury's London Mega Terminal, the newly-formed ET2C Europe Ltd.
is located at the heart of one of the UK's major logistics gateways, particularly
with regard to London and the Southeast.

Furthermore, Tilbury\'s 'freeport' status offers significant benefits, and the entire
325-hectare port complex at Tilbury falls within the Freeport boundary. Stock can be
held tax-free and secure within the port until it is needed, ready for delivery on a
just-in-time (JIT) basis. This is a major advantage from which many of ET2C
International Inc.'s customers will be able to benefit.

Uniserve Group Ltd.'s existing UK-based customers will also be able to benefit
directly from ET2C International Inc.'s localized Sourcing and QC operations in the
heart of Shanghai, creating a seamless channel from low-cost factories in the
Shanghai region straight to clients' warehouses, distribution centres and stores in
the UK.

The new business is to act as ET2C International Inc.'s UK Headquarters with
immedite effect, and clients are invited to contact Mark Bradley, the venture's
Managing Director, for more information.

The contact details are:

ET2C Europe Ltd.
London Mega Terminal
Thurrock Park Way

Essex RM18 7HD


Telephone : 01375 856060
Fax : 01375 843600
Direct dial : 01375 412002

Both ET2C International Inc. and Uniserve Group Ltd. are excited about the
partnership, and are looking forward to offering these new services to their
existing clients, as well as fostering new relationships with UK companies which are
looking for integrated Sourcing, QC, and Logistics solutions.

ET2C International Inc. is one of the fastest-growing sourcing companies in
Shanghai. It specializes in a focused range of industrial and consumer products, and
it also sets up Buying Offices for UK and US-based companies.


Web Site =

Contact Details = Jonathan Fayers
Marketing Director
ET2C International Inc.

13F King World Hi-Tech Building
668 Beijing East Road
Shanghai 200001
People\'s Republic of China

Tel: +8621 6120 6061 ext 815
Fax: +8621 5308 0636

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