Ore MIcroscopes

Released on = December 15, 2006, 3:10 pm

Press Release Author = Hannah

Industry = Semiconductors

Press Release Summary = Ore Microscopes .com is your source for microscopes with the
ability to view thick polished rock and mineral specimens under polarized light.

Press Release Body = Ore Microscopes .com is a microscope dealership providing
microscopes capable of viewing thick polished rock and mineral specimens. Ore
microscopes, also known as petrographic microscopes, have the features of
transmitted and reflected polarized illumination. Normal polarizing microscopes only
have transmitted illumination capability. Polarized light is used for rock and
mineral identification in the ore microscope. These ore microscopes have the ability
to do crossed polarization which is the condition of having two polarizing filters
at 90 degree orientation to block out light at the extinction angle. Viewing rock
and mineral specimens at the extinction angle aids in determining proper
identification and properties.

This microscope company has a good selection of these types of microscopes. They
sell to schools and universities as well as geology and petrology departments in
industrial environments. Each product sold by Ore Microscopes .com is money back
guaranteed and carries a good product warranty. Their technical sales staff is
friendly and capable of answering your questions about microscopy related items.
Contact them today if you are in the market for an ore polarized light microscope.

Web Site = http://oremicroscopes.com

Contact Details = P.O. Box 190735
St. Louis MO
Phone#: 1-877-215-3795
Email: sales@oremicroscopes.com
Website: http://oremicroscopes.com

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