Polysciences, Inc Offers New Functionalized Silica Microspheres

Released on = December 1, 2006, 12:29 pm

Press Release Author = Polysciences, Inc.

Industry = Chemicals

Press Release Summary = Warrington, PA, August 2006- Polysciences, Inc., a leading
manufacturer of specialty monomers, polymers and laboratory chemicals, announced the
release of a new line of Furan based synthons for use in organic and polymer
synthesis applications including the pharmaceutical, graphic arts, agricultural,
flavor/fragrance as well as organic intermediates industries.

Press Release Body = Warrington, PA, August 2006 - Polysciences, Inc., a leading
manufacturer of laboratory
supplies and specialty monomers/polymers for life sciences, medical research and
announces the availability of new functionalized silica microspheres containing
acid, amine or streptavidin groups.
Functionalized silica microspheres are available with nominal diameters of 0.5
micron, 1 micron
and 5 micron to allow the researcher to tailor his/her product design for specific
assays. The
carboxyl functional and amine functional materials are supplied as 100% solids while
streptavidin modified microspheres are offered as a 1% dispersion in water.
\"Silica microspheres offer unique characteristics compared to their polymer
counterparts. Silica
microspheres offer a lower refractive index than polystyrene, a greater density for
easier settling,
and a hydrophilic surface that reduces non-specific binding of hydrophobic ligands.
Our new
functionalized silica products provide a convenient means for covalent
immobilization through
carboxyl or amine groups or affinity binding of biotinylated ligands.\" said Chad
Owen, Particles
Division Vice President, Polysciences, Inc.
Visit www.polysciences.com to learn more about all our microspheres and particle
About Polysciences, Inc.
Headquartered in Warrington, Pa., Polysciences, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of
laboratory supplies and specialty
monomers/polymers for microscopy, histology, biotechnology, electronics, and other
industrial applications.
Although Polysciences offers a full line of off-the-shelf products for the medical,
life sciences, and research
community, its specialty is developing custom-synthesized polymers and monomers for
customer-specific needs.
Polysciences, Inc. is also a producer of custom adhesives and chemicals for the
electronics industry. Polysciences
has more than a 40-year history of successful partnerships with industry in
developing new materials for emerging
applications. Polysciences maintains facilities in Warrington, PA and Eppelheim,
Germany in addition to the Fishers,
Ind. facility of its wholly-owned subsidiary Bangs Labs, Inc.

Web Site = http://www.polysciences.com

Contact Details = Polysciences, Inc. 400 Valley Road, Warrington, PA 18976 (800)
523-2575 or (215) 343-6484 Fax: (800) 343-3291 or (215) 343-0214

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