Ralph Leach Group - Global Distribution

Released on = December 4, 2006, 7:27 am

Press Release Author = Ralph Leach

Industry = International Trade

Press Release Summary = A different type of distributor; providing global
distribution, advertising, and corporate reltions for its clients.

Press Release Body = The Ralph Leach Group plans in 2007 to introduce 12
products to the global marketplace.We are seeking new product to distribute and to
provide advertising,public relations, and marketing support. With each product
receiving advertising exposure equal to 20 million dollars in placements.
We plan to market your product and brand to compete with major name brands,
compare our support of 20 million dollars per brand with what some major brands
spent in 2005: Bounce 10 million dollars, Maxwll House 25 million dollars,
Vicks 14.2 million dollars, Pringles 27.8 million dollars and Kool Aid 22.5
million dollars.
Marketing channels include emails, word of mouth marketing, product placements,
search engine marketing, direct mail, and internet classfied advertising.
At the Ralph Leach, we intend to create a prosperous and coopertive
relationship with all clients. An exclusive one year distribution contract is
offered with a 25,000 unit sales minimum opt out clause. Sales above 25,000
would trigger a 2 year option to continue the distribution contract.

Website under construction.

Web Site = http://

Contact Details = 9595 Rutherford
Detroit, Michigan 48227-1611

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