Staff As Important As Technology

Released on = December 15, 2006, 6:43 am

Press Release Author = Andrew Greenfield

Industry = Government

Press Release Summary = Despite the advances in technology, people rather than
products can still be the most effective element in ensuring the highest levels of
security in the maritime and aviation sectors.

Press Release Body = That was the view of Andrew McClumpha, Director of Transport
Security at BMT, speaking at the Maritime and Supply Chain Security Conference at
London Olympia.

Focusing on the human factors within aviation and maritime security, Mr McClumpha
told delegates that while staff working in the frontline were under increasing
pressures, there was a constant need to raise the levels of performance.

"One of the challenges we face is how we acquire some 'headroom' for these staff to
achieve even higher standards," said Mr McClumpha.

"So how well are we doing? Not very well at all, I would suggest. There are a wealth
of documents detailing the need for improvement in human performance."

He highlighted the issues of certification, competency assessments and selection and
training as critical in the development of transport security staff, with the target
of securing a 100 per cent effectiveness record.

Referring to the heightened state of security following the potential terrorist
threat at airports over the summer, Mr McClumpha continued: "After August, a lot of
focus was placed on not looking at what people are carrying, but looking at the
people who were carrying it.

"Individual attribute screening, based on verbal and non-verbal cues can be an
important contribution to a total security solution." However, such an approach was
not always favoured by organisations because "it cannot be plugged in and run on
electricity, it needs individual human skills," he added.

"People, if integrated properly, are our most effective decision makers, given the
standards of equipment we have."

Much of that equipment was on display at London's largest ever security exhibition
which ran alongside the Maritime and Supply Chain Security Conference, featuring
more than 150 leading companies including, the website for the
security industry. Andrew Greenfield, MD, said: "The standard of
debate in the conference was matched by the innovation and technology on display in
the exhibition, and we had a fantastic response over the two days from delegates and
exhibition visitors alike."

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