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Released on = January 2, 2007, 8:14 am

Press Release Author = Anderson

Industry = International Trade

Press Release Summary = The Patented Beverage Blast Cap technology (5 patents and
many pending) turns bottled water into the most Potent, Freshest and
Preservative/Chemical Free beverage on Earth.

Press Release Body = Blast Cap Beverage Technology
'Making people healthier one drink at a time'

The Patented Beverage Blast Cap technology (5 patents and many pending) turns
bottled water into the most Potent, Freshest and Preservative/Chemical Free beverage
on Earth. Now bottled water with the Blast Cap can compete against the Sport, Diet,
Energy and Vitamin Waters of the world with a multi year shelf life cost effectively
with our "At Time of Use Activation Blast Cap". ALL beverages that are manufactured
in liquid form starts to degrade the vitamins, minerals and herbal content
immediately after bottled.DON'T be fooled on what they say is in the product at time
of manufacturing versus when you actually consume the beverage, the longer the
bottle sits on a shelf or in your pantry the percentage decreases dramatically and
in many cases the nutritional value is completely gone. The Blast Cap Technology is
also perfect for MLM companies that can be in the beverage Business without having
to ship water (reusable bottle and supply 30 and 60 packs of Blast Caps). Sodas and
beverages are one of the leading causes of obesity and diabetes for children and one
of the biggest health crises in America. There are many mothers that don't realize
most juice concentrates are filled with preservatives, sodium and fructose and
glucose. Imagine giving your child a Blast Cap beverage that tastes great that is
ALL natural, have no chemicals and give them all there daily vitamins in a single

"Just Blast-Shake and Drink your way to better health one drink at a time."

The Blast Cap Technology has over 30 versions of dispensing technology ranging from
bottle, pouches, cartons, cans and more.Unleash the Energy, Just Blast-Shake and
Cap technology provides instant drinks

Production daily Europe

Breaking News on Food Processing & Packaging - Europe

28/09/2006 - A new capping device allows individuals to mix their own drinks by
blasting ingredients into a water-filled container.

The Blast Cap would eliminate the need for the chemical preservatives and other
substances used by the drinks industry to extend shelf life, thus helping them make
their products appealing to those demanding additives free products.
It is activated by pushing the cap like device plunger like into a container. The
Blast Cap also can be sold in packs of up to 90 drinks, with a reusable bottle. The
packs have an \"unlimited shelf life\" up to the time of activation, the company
\"The Blast Cap can replace many nutritional supplements in today\'s market place,\"
WRD stated in announcing the breakthrough.
The technology company said the device can contain a variety of formulas for
specific categories of drinks and work with manufacturers to specially design, fill
and ship Blast Caps anywhere in the world.

BLAST CAP; changing the beverage industry for ever.

Introducing the all new multi patented and patents pending Blast Cap beverage
dispensing devise. For the first time in beverage history, cost effectively you can
activate your beverage at time of use without any preservatives and chemicals. The
savings features and benefits are enormous and the activation of the Blast Cap is
simply enjoyable and healthy for all ages.

. The Blast Cap is the freshest and most powerful chemical free beverage of
any category in the world.
. The Blast Cap does not need any of the harsh and unwanted chemicals
additives, preservatives, fillers, binders, stabilizers and other synthetic and
chemical additives that are in beverages and sodas. The Blast Cap also can be sold
in packs (30-60-90) with a reusable bottle, thus eliminating the shipment of heavy
water and the expense for the consumer.
. The Blast Cap can have virtually any amounts of desired ingredients
depending on the size of the Blast Cap; Vitamins, Herbs, Minerals, Flavors and
Sweeteners etc without harmful chemicals or additives. The Blast Cap is at time of
use beverage..fresh-clean-pure-powerful and NO CHEMICALS.
. The Blast Cap has unlimited shelf life (at time of use activation) unlike
all other beverages on the market today. Beverage formulas have always been and are
designed for shelf life NOT for what the beverage is ultimately designed for or what
you would like to have in them. Now you can design formulas that have never been
able to formulate for the beverage.

 The Blast Cap is super convenient.just throw it
in your purse, pocket, or drawer at work and when you want a drink YOU just simply
Blast-Shake and Drink. Once you experience the most incredible tasting and feeling
beverage in the world you will never drink another beverage again.

The Blast Cap can replace many nutritional supplements in today's market
place. There is not a beverage in the world that can deliver the
nutritional value that the Blast Cap can. Swallowing tablets can be
difficult, expensive, and normally full of fillers, binders, shellacs and
other unneeded materials and only absorb ONLY up to 20%. The consumer
throws away up to 80 cents on every dollar they spend. The Blast Cap can
absorb up to 98% within minutes
We also have a variety of formulas for different categories and work with
leading manufactures that can specially design, fill and ship your Blast Caps
anywhere in the world.

The Blast Cap is perfect for beverage categories such as Sport, Diet, Energy,
Greens, Vitamin, Anti Oxidants as well as Children's Vitamin Drinks
The Blast Cap has unlimited applications and categories of use, Your mind is the
limit If you yearn to be a leader, crave perseverance and have a profound
determination to have the best, look no further than the Blast Cap. The Blast Cap is
the future to the beverage industry and the future is here now.

For just pennies per beverage you can be the leader in Beverage Technology that can
help change the way we drink. Pure - Natural - Simple and Fun.

The Blast Cap Beverage helps the fight against Obesity and Diabetes.
The Blast Cap is the Freshest, most Potent and Preservative/Chemical Free beverage
on Earth. The Blast Cap is a must see DEMO. See it to believe it on our site with a
video demo.

We look forward to hearing from you with your new beverage needs.
Contact Information:
Please visit the web site and look at the Blast Cap Video Demo

For almost three decades, W&RD, Inc. has been a universal symbol of exciting
ground-breaking products that enhance the lives of people worldwide. W&RD\'s daring,
innovative products unites elements of beverage, pharmaceutical, oral care, health,
beauty, pet care, laundry care, and other specialized markets with a brilliant,
unique concept of marketing through television, retail and the multi-level
W&RD, inc. is a company that specializes in the development in innovative
technologies to deliver an exceptional range of products to specialty markets
globally and offers companies and customer's advantages backed by experience,
innovation, and patent protected products. We use intuitive designs that deliver
products with world class quality, performance, and pricing.
We are committed not to just the broadest of array of products of any company in
the industry around the world but also have evolved into a diversified health care
company that discovers, develops, and manufactures superior products that helps
establish branded products and applies creative technologies to increase the
commercial potential of these products categories and many more.
If you are looking to add line extensions to your existing line of product(s) or
are in search for a new product line, look no further. Once you discover the
exciting products W&RD, inc. has to offer, you will know the future success on your
next endeavor.
WRD, Inc .People, Products, Prosperity.

Note: This is the Original Blast Cap; don't be fooled by other companies that are
trying to capitalize on the Blast Cap. Make sure you ask the companies you are
dealing with (regardless if they say they have a patent) in Europe, Asia or the
United States if they have any confidentiality/non disclosure or any other
agreements signed with other companies prior to buying them or having them
manufactured regarding the technology. If they say no, make sure you get it from
them in writing under penalty of perjury for your country and theirs; this may help
you and others in the future. This is for the safety and protection for all of us
that are trying to conduct ourselves properly and to help people do well and succeed
in our business.

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