Defending Liberty Bell

Released on = January 28, 2007, 10:07 am

Press Release Author = Bonnie Romero

Industry = Government

Press Release Summary = American\'s are finally fed-up with their Dictator.

Press Release Body = For years concerned Americans' have put up with a leader who
sometimes appeared to have no ears. We all cried, but it appeared that the
powers-that-be had more important things to attend to and showed nothing more then a
" We could care less attitude. " This attitude has now progressed to a point that is
no longer acceptable to the majority of our fellow citizens.

We watched our fellow citizens on television this week as they marched across this
great land in protest against a man who has never, and will probably never hear
their cry.

My fellow Americans, we must for once realize that when a President no longer
listens not only to the majority of the citizens, no longer listens to the majority
of our constitutionally elected leaders in all branches of our Government, this is
not a President this is a Dictator!

This is a strong word, yes. But when someone refuses to set at the bargaining table
and instead says with a goulash grin, " I will do what I say is right, all of you
are wrong," This is simply dictating.

We must all stop watching the protesting in our streets and instead join these true

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Contact Details = 2677 Placerville Dr. Placerville, CA.

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