Community Activist Denounces Clarksville, TN Mayors Snub of NAACP President

Released on = March 6, 2007, 1:26 am

Press Release Author = Terry McMoore Director, Urban Resource Center

Industry = Government

Press Release Summary = Never, in the more than 50 year history of this local
branch, has a sitting Mayor refused to meet with an NAACP President.

Press Release Body = Terry McMoore, Director of the Urban Resource Center, publicly
denounced the snubbing of NAACP President Jimmie M. Garland, Sr. and its
organization by Clarksville Mayor, Johnny E. Piper. During all my years of service
to the community of Clarksville - Montgomery County, as both a former State NAACP
Official and Political Action Chairman, I refuse to stand by idly while people of
color are treated unfairly, our city mayor continues to turn his back to our issues
and publicly disrespects the NAACP and its President.

Never, in the more than 50 year history of this local branch, has a sitting Mayor
refused to meet with an NAACP President. When Mayor Johnny Piper snubs the local
association he has without a doubt snubbed its entire membership body, the African
American community and the rich history that surrounds the nation's largest and
oldest Civil Rights organization and its worldwide constituency and supporters.

Looking back at the recent slow response of our National Government toward the
victims of hurricane Katrina and the comments and feelings of Americans and leaders
worldwide raises the same questions here locally and is on the lips of many in the
African American community, "Does Clarksville Mayor Johnny Piper Like or Even Care
About Black People?"

Mr. McMoore has issued a call to action on the part of all citizens of Clarksville
regardless of race or nationality to write, email or call the Mayor's office and
demand the immediate dismantlement of the Good ole boy system, an immediate halt to
snubbing of the NAACP organization, a true cleanup of the hostile working
environment that continues to exist for black police officers, minorities, and women
at the Clarksville Police Department, and a place at the table for more minority
citizens so that the local government begins to truly resemble the diversity of our
great city.

Contact for this release:

Terry McMoore Director Urban Resource Center
(931) 378-1999

Web Site = http://

Contact Details = 211 Andrew Drive
Clarksville, TN. 37042

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