MataiTech launches EDA Tool with an IP Import Wizard that converts IP blocks to SPIRIT IP-XACT

Released on = March 8, 2007, 10:56 am

Press Release Author = Rob Fleck/MataiTech

Industry = Semiconductors

Press Release Summary = MataiTech LLC has released NAUET (newt) 1.8, and EDA tool
that includes an enhanced SPIRIT IP-XACT editor and linter and a new IP import
wizard that converts any IP block to the SPIRIT IP-XACT standard.

Press Release Body = Rancho Santa Margarita, CA -- MataiTech LLC has released the
latest instantiation of its flagship EDA product, NAUET (newt) 1.8. It includes an
enhanced SPIRIT IP-XACT editor and linter and an IP import wizard that converts any
IP block to the SPIRIT IP-XACT format.

NAUET's revised and improved SPIRIT IP-XACT editor, linter and semantics checker is
now more intuitive and user friendly than previous versions. It validates and lints
all aspects of the SPIRIT IP-XACT standard and checks for consistency across
multiple files.

NAUET 1.8 launches the world's first commercially available IP import wizard for the
SPIRIT IP-XACT standard. It pulls in an IP block and describes interfaces and bus
connections in the SPIRIT IP-XACT format. This feature allows MataiTech's customers
to import their existing designs and third party IP to the NAUET development
environment, thereby allowing easy connection to other IP blocks by NAUET's inherent
Design Assembler.

\"NAUET's IP import wizard is a phenomenal feature," claimed Aaron Baranoff, VP of
engineering at MataiTech. "SPIRIT is a powerful standard with an appreciable
learning curve. NAUET's IP import wizard allows our customers to short cut that
learning curve. With our tools it is possible to create and edit SPIRIT IP-XACT IP
blocks without ever touching a line of XML code. Even relative novices can be
successful with this tool."

NAUET 1.8 is capable of converting existing SPIRIT IP-XACT 1.2 designs to the SPIRIT
IP-XACT 1.4 standard. NAUET 1.8 is part of MataiTech's commitment to track and lead
standards to the benefit of its customers.

"MataiTech is quickly establishing itself as the leader in SPIRIT support and
direction. We have done that by launching the world's first SPIRIT linter in
December and by launching the world's first SPIRIT IP-XACT import wizard here in
March," explained Erik Jessen, CEO of MataiTech. "We believe the upcoming releases
of NAUET Intermediate and NAUET Enhanced will clearly establish MataiTech as the 'go
to' company for SPIRIT leadership, support and tools."

NAUET (newt) is MataiTech's 4th generation co-development tool. Compatible with
major EDA tools, NAUET creates a parallel, symbiotic design flow environment for
co-development of SoC hardware and software. It automatically links IP blocks,
generates Verilog, VHDL, C, SystemC, RTOS framework, design documentation and test
code. NAUET accelerates HDL coding and C/C++ coding to quickly allow engineers to
begin application, driver and HDL development. Designs created with NAUET\'s
Component Editor are reusable as IP in later projects. NAUET is bundled with a
light weight, royalty free RTOS and many OpenCores IP blocks so customers can
quickly create an SoC right out of the box. NAUET 1.8 provides Windows Vista
support. A scaled down "Lite" version and a \"Student/Teacher\" version are also
available via direct web purchase.

Free 30 day trial licenses are available for interested customers and press.

About MataiTech
Located in Orange County California, MataiTech's people and tools can bring designs
to market faster than anybody in the industry. Our core engineering team has
practical, real-world experience in multi-million gate ASIC development, driver
development and custom RTOS development. MataiTech has applied this experience to
its products, establishing MataiTech as a leader in hardware/software co-development
tools and as a leader in SPIRIT standard development and support.


NAUET, MataiTech LLC and the MataiTech LLC logo are either registered trademarks or
trademarks of MataiTech LLC, in the United States and/or other jurisdictions. All
other trademarks are the property of their respective holders. See opencores website
for more information on IP coress and their specific licensing details. For more
information on SPIRIT IP-XACT 1.2 and SPIRIT IP-XACT 1.4 with ESL Extensions visit
the SPIRITconsortium website.

Rob Fleck

MataiTech LLC.
6 Santa Nella
Rancho Santa margarita, CA 92688

949 - 226 - 7079

Web Site =

Contact Details = Rob Fleck

MataiTech LLC.
6 Santa Nella
Rancho Santa margarita, CA 92688

949 - 226 - 7079

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