Anonymous fund raising advisory services performed for swiss political candidates

Released on = April 11, 2007, 10:30 am

Press Release Author = Ben Campbell

Industry = Government

Press Release Summary = Swiss political office candidates can now take advantage of
anonymous fund raising advisory services available from SWISSFUND.

Press Release Body = Will you win your election campaign because you used the
\"Anonymous\" fund raising services of SWISSFUND when your opponent didn\'t?
SWISSFUND a political fund raising advisory firm which exclusively works for swiss
political candidates now makes available \"Anonymous\" fund raising advisory
What are \"Anonymous\" fund raising services?
Anonymous fund raising services are where only the candidate knows that the fund
raising services are being performed. The candidates fund raising director won\'t
know. The candidates staff won\'t know. The general public won\'t know. The news media
won\'t know. And, if the candidate wants even the donor won\'t know. No one will know
except the candidate. However, if the candidate wants then only the candidate fund
raising director will know.
These fund raising services are available only to swiss political candidates and
are not available in any other country. The fund raising advisory services
include identification of prospective political donors. Analysis of the
prospective donor(s). Examination of the political perceptions of the prospective
(political beliefs). The ability of the donor to make political donations. Opinions
as to the \"dollar amount\" of donations the donor is willing to make. Contact and
communication with the prospective donor(s). Securing the donation.
Will you win your election campaign in the 2007 Swiss Election because you used
\"anonymous\" fund raising services when your opponent didn\'t?
For additonal information about these fund raising services visit the SWISSFUND
website at URL:

Web Site =

Contact Details = Ben Campbell

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