Anonymous fund raising services available from SWISSFUNND

Released on = April 9, 2007, 2:13 pm

Press Release Author = Ben Campbell

Industry = Government

Press Release Summary = Fund Raising Counselor performs \"anonymous fund raising
services\" for Swiss political canddidates.

Press Release Body = Now swiss political candidates can avail themselves of \"
Anonymous Fund Raising Services\" from fund raising counselors SWISSFUND.
The Anonymous fund raising services are performed in a unique way where no one
has to know that SWISSFUND performs fund raising advisory services for you (Swiss
political candidates). The candidates fund raising director doesn\'t have to know,
the candidates campaign staff doesn\'t have to know, opposition candidates won\'t
know, the general public won\'t know, and if the candidate wants even the donor
won\'t know. Or, if the candidates wants only the candidates fund raising director
will know.
These Anonymous Fund Raising Services are only available for Swiss political
candidates and are not available in any other country.
SWISSFUND refused to disclose exactly how these unique fud raising services are
performed, but, only specified that super-secret \"trade-secret\" type processes
were used to perform the fund raising advisory services.
All SWISSFUND fund raising services are performed in compliance with the laws of
A special \"Billionaires Only\" service is available where SWISSFUND will only
acquire \"billionaire political donors\" for the respective swiss political
candidate. Billionaire donors add to the influence of the respective swiss
political candidate(s).
These fund raising services are available to members of the SVP, CVP, PRD, SD,
LPS, KVP, FDP, and other swiss political parties.
Are you a Swiss public office seeker who wants to keep his/her fund raising
super-secret? Are you a swiss public office seeker who wants to take advantage of
\"ANONYMOUS FUND RAISING SERVICES\"? Do you want to have a secret \"campaign
technique\" which your political opponents do not have?
Inquire about SWISSFUND Anonymous fund raising services.
For additional information visit the website at URL:

Web Site =

Contact Details = Ben Campbell

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