Legal Thriller Author Outlines Social Security Disaster

Released on = April 23, 2007, 1:08 pm

Press Release Author = Adviatech

Industry = Government

Press Release Summary = Jack Payne, author of Six Hours Past Thursday
( says the U.S Government is Committing \"Legal\" Crime Against
its Own Citizens.

Press Release Body = A Chicago man, a painting contractor, retired and moved to
Florida. Not long thereafter the IRS came down on him for unpaid taxes and a large
lending institution threatened to sue him over missed loan payments. After drawing a
credit report on himself, out of bewilderment, he discovered a multiple of unknown
charges. His only crime? Some 50 years before, the man, now 70, applied for and
received a social security card. \"I don\'t understand it,\" he frets. \"I\'ve always
lived a responsible life. I paid my bills. I never carried a credit card balance. I
never cheated on my taxes. Now all this. It\'s a nightmare.\"

Last year some 9,000,000 people paid taxes that did not match social security
records. What\'s the core of the problem? Illegal immigrants. Up to 80% of these
non-matched records are believed to originate with these people who file stolen or
purely manufactured numbers. Follow-up investigations have revealed as many as 35
employers having the same SS number under different names. And, incredibly, no
mechanism for notifying the rightful number holder exists.

Jack Payne, the founder and first publisher of Business Opportunities Digest, has
strong feelings on the subject. \"It\'s \'legal\' crime being perpetrated on all of us
by our own government,\" he theorizes. \"What else can you call it? The true
victims--the legitimate card holders--never know until IRS comes after them for back
taxes, and when private companies try to collect unpaid loans and overdue bills.
With no legal requirement to report irregularities, the people who know don\'t.
Instead they simply put their heads in the sand, plead nolo contendre, and hide
behind the Privacy Law.

There is absolutely no incentive to level with you about all the imposters riding on
your social security number. Contrarily, important non-incentives to inform exist.
because benefits abound. The Social Security Administration collects huge sums of
extra taxes which they dump into something called their Earnings Surplus File, an
accounting limbo that now houses $420 billion. Creditors sell more loans, and
merchants sell more goods on credit. Employers get cheap labor. Thus, everybody is a
winner through this non-system system. Everybody, that is, except you, the rightful
card holder. This is why this failure to protect you from such obvious, outright
theft, adds up to \'legal\' crime to me. It\'s the politicians in Washington who
created this farce of a financial state, and who are responsible for it.

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