Press Release to Entrepreneurs, Financiers and Private Lenders

Released on = April 14, 2007, 10:00 pm

Press Release Author = Mr. C S Kong

Industry = International Trade

Press Release Summary = Finally, the World gets a clean, new and viable mode of
Transportation: The Aeromobile.

Press Release Body = Singapore, April 16, 2007.

The Aeromobile: An Avant-Garde Transporter

From Home to Office:
Take the Aeromobile Suitcase out from the locker.
Push a button and the Aeromobile opens up automatically.
Open the window, take-off and fly directly into the office, through the window.
Pack the Aeromobile back into its suitcase and store away awaiting the next flight.

About the Aeromobile
1. This Aeromobile is very user-friendly. Besides adults, it could also auto-fly a
child, the blind or the handicapped.
Seafarers need not be marooned at sea when they could instantly fly home unaided.
2. Uses the cleanest fuel, Hydrogen. Needs no external supply because everything is
built-in. Ready to fly 24/7
3. Now, Star Wars aircrafts, Mech Warrior, Gundam could fly due to this Invention
unique design flexibility
4. Stage One: Build a prototype for showcasing at the Farnborough International Air
Show, England and the Oshkosh Air Show, Wisconsin.
5. Stage Two: Mothership Project: To display the Aeromobile\'s ability to dock into
the belly of a mothership in mid-air.

A Global Arena
This Aeromobile debuts with an anticipatory Global Arena. Flying a Star Wars
Aircraft at the Oshkosh Air Show would trigger a buying frenzy initiated by a pool
of ready customers, the Star Wars fans. Daily Usage when proven would make it a
must-have vehicle. All Governments would support this Aeromobile Project due to its
popularity and far-reaching impact on a nation\'s Economy, Defense, Homeland
Security, Transport, etc. Infrastructure would transform to facilitate the
changeover of existing Air, Sea and Land Transport to the Aeromobile.

Outlay Per Country - $30 million
Get multiple Returns and a Global presence when you finance this Aeromobile Project.
On top of the Primary Returns on Investment are Secondary Multiple Revenue Streams
that multiplies Stakeholder Value whenever a new country acquires this Aeromobile
Technology. Starting from After-Sales Service, every nation would eventually set-up
their own Production, Maintenance and Logistics Centers, Flying Academy, etc.
Thereafter, it is just replicating these proven money-spinners into every country.
Additional mega projects are the organizing of high profile World Events such as
World Mothership Cruise, Gundam AeroMatrix, Star Trek Championship, Mech Warrior
Olympics, Star Wars Top Gun, F1 SkyGP, etc.
Writing a Business Plan of such magnitude is mind-boggling. Please, do not ask for

About the Inventor
C S Kong is the sole inventor of this Aeromobile. In 1997, he filed a Patent: Day &
Night Global Solar Lighting Grid at WIPO (now abandoned). Advocating Solar Energy
usage in Singapore, he met key executives from Singapore Mass Rapid Transit, Jurong
Town Corporation, Changi International Airport Terminal 3 Project, Port of Singapore
Authority and Suntec City.
The dangers of high-rise buildings were raised.
Solution: A Safety Jacket for trapped victim in high-rise building to wear, push a
button and float down to safety. This Safety Jacket is part of the Provisional
Patent entitled: Combination Aerial Rescue Device & Personal Flight Device filed
with the US Patent & Trademark Office.

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C S Kong
Singapore Mobile: 65-966 24284
US Fax: 1-319-9373967

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