Trade with Sicily now made easier

Released on = April 16, 2007, 8:32 am

Press Release Author = Solacria Association

Industry = International Trade

Press Release Summary = Solacria is a non profit association joining experts and
entrepreneurs to support national and international companies and institutions in
the development of interexchanges between Sicily and the rest of the world.

Press Release Body = Solacria\'s mission is to give value and foster the newly-found
regional culture based on the principles of using, accessing and sharing.

One of Solacria\'s main activities involves the constant search for institutional and
business partners, both nationally and internationally, who intend to examine and
exploit the opportunities offered by the land of Sicily.

Solacria aims to establish continuous relations with government institutions as well
as professional, entreprenurial and industrial businesses, in the various countries
where it operates, thereby constantly promoting experience exchanges and proposing
large-scale projects.

Solacria, as a network made of professionals and experts in all sectors, offers to
the members: consultancy and training, organization and attendance of events and
joint initiatives;promotion of and assistance in creating new economic and
entrepreneurial businesses;communication activities and consultancy on corporate
internationalization;sectorial research and studies.

Solacria sees expertise, meaning a fusion of the qualities of reliability,
punctuality and respectability, as the founding base for its partners.

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