Prince Harry and Al Quada in Iraq

Released on = May 5, 2007, 5:12 pm

Press Release Author = Darren Chabluk

Industry = Government

Press Release Summary = Iraq Fan Club Chairman Darren Chabluk promotes family
friendly material about Iraq: refuses to sugar coat what is at stake with the young

Press Release Body = (IraqFanClub) May 5, 2007 -- If there is one thing that will
end the British involvement in the war in Iraq, it will be the kidnapping and or
assassination of possible future King of England. Al Quada and foreign fighters are
already flocking to Iraq for the chance to capture or even get the young royal in
the scope of a high powered rifle.

On the contrary, the delay in Harry's departure to Iraq will allow for his anonymous
insertion into Iraq as well as allow his fellow soldiers to be more prepared for
incoming attacks before Harry arrives.

"MOTHER OF ALL TARGETS IN IRAQ", stated the 'Observer', a British newspaper last

Prince Harry's beheading would be seen as a trophy of achievement for centuries of
Ango-American interference and political bombardment with the Arab and Islamic
world. Leonardo Dicaprio showing up in the holy city of Israel with his Israeli
sweetheart caused a brawl with the media just weeks ago. But the close call brawl
Harry experienced at a London night club Wednesday night will have no resemblance to
the danger all his lads could be up against if their location in Iraq leaks out into
the terrorist network.

Many Iraqis will welcome the young lad with open arms into their own home. Prince
Harry may find himself in a much different role such as cooking for the crew on a
U.S. Military base, or doing paperwork at an 'undisclosed location'.

IRAQ GREEN ZONE GUARD - SUICIDE BOMBER in April proves security WILL BE an issue for

Since security in the green zone was breached last month. General Sir Richard
Dannatt who made and reserves the decision to change his mind about this high
profile military mission is now in the spot light. A high ranking Iraq politician
had permitted a former insurgent to be his security guard and obtained all necessary
authorization for green zone access in a secure building. The possibility of an
intelligence leak about Prince Harry's location, followed by an the possibility of
another internal error with security is obviously a major concern.

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