Released on = June 9, 2007, 10:34 am

Press Release Author = Ben Campbell

Industry = International Trade

Press Release Summary = Secret data file indexes 126 SWISS BILLIONAIRES.
Communicate with SWISS BILLIONAIRES with ease.

Press Release Body = A super-secret datafile indexes 126 SWISS BILLIONAIRES and
includes their corporate mailing addresses, telephone numbers, fax numbers, and
their website addresses, all recorded on a computer diskette which can easily be
used on your desktop computer.
After several years of research, information retrieval, information verification,
and cataloging of information the 1st ANNUAL EDITION of the SWISS BILLIONAIRES
LIST has been published and is now available to the general public.
This 2007 Edition of the SWISS BILLIONAIRES LIST indexes 126 Swiss billionaires
(additional swiss billionaires are expected to be added before the end of the
year 2007).....The 2008 Edition is scheduled for publication in January 2008 (2nd
Annual Edition).
The 2007 Edition of the BILLIONAIRES LIST lists UBS billionaires, Credit Suisse
billionaires, Landolt & Cie billionaires, Rothschild bank billionaires, Vontobel
Bank billionaires, Julius Bar bank billionaires. Over 126 Swiss Billionaires in
all (complete with their mailing addresses and telephone numbers).
If, you do business in Switzerland or in Europe, or you just want to communicate
with Swiss Billionaires, then, the SWISS BILLIONAIRES LIST is the ideal reference
for you.
For additional information about the SWISS BILLIONAIRES LIST visit the website at

URL: www.billionaires.00cash.com
Email: billionaires@email.com

Web Site = http://www.billionaires.00cash.com

Contact Details = Ben Henry Campbell
Email: billionaires@email.com
Tel: 323-573-2501

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