Classic Digital Photo Frame announced by Sourcingmap, bring the High-Tech joy in life

Released on = June 20, 2007, 11:39 pm

Press Release Author = ivy zhai

Industry = International Trade

Press Release Summary = Sourcingmap Company Ltd. recently introduced a new digital
photo frame.ivy

Press Release Body = ( ,21th June, 2007 ( ) Sourcingmap Company Ltd. recently introduced a new digital photo
frame--Classic Mohagany 7\" TFT Screen Digital Photo Frame Album MP3/MP4 w/ Remote,
compared with the two products announed last year,the function of this digital photo
frames is more complete, more powerful.

As digital camera and cell phone with high-pixel camera get popular, people has been
used to keeping their photos by all kinds of storage devices such as PC HDD,
semiconductor storage and CD-R. Even more, the photos that are printed out are now
mostly from digital camera or cell phone with digital camera. The traditional photo
frame and photo album will cost much money to print the photos out,and it will take
a lot of time .As a result, the DPF, a product that can keep and review these
digital photos, comes into being.

In 2005, Sourcingmap Company Ltd ( had launched their Digital
Photo Frame products,but due to the high cost makes, the product prices were too
high to be accepted by most consumers .Until 2006, as main parts prices went down,so
did DPF prices and its market began to pick up. So , in the second half of 2006,
they re-launched a high-quality, medium-price DPF---7\" TFT Screen Digital MP3 Photo
Frame Album w/ Remote Control , the price was only $74.99 . The related link is:

In 2007,with the accession to the elite sales and the improvement of marketing
strategy , their sales now is on the right track. So, this summer,one more complete,
more powerful DFA be introduced to the world--Classic Mohagany 7\" TFT Screen Digital
Photo Frame Album MP3/MP4 w/ Remote, which can play JPEG pictures, MP3, WMA, ACC
audio files, AVI, 3PG, MPEG4, MPG,DVD,VCD, ASF video files ; is compatible with file
stored in digital camera, SD, MS, MMC, card ; and the pictures can be rotated from
different angle, zoom in or zoom out and users can set the stay time. The related
link is:

In the forthcoming several years, DPF market will develop more maturely and its
output & sales and market demand will still keep growing at a high rate." We are
very proud that we can provide our customers quality products and services, we will
continue our efforts ! " Edith Chan ,Sales Manager of Sourcingmap Company Ltd said.

Web Site =

Contact Details = Address: Sourcingmap Company Ltd. Unit B, 2/F High Fashion Centre
phone: 00852-24899331
Fax: 00852-24892487

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