HR and Internal Branding act as New Business Drivers

Released on = June 19, 2007, 4:39 am

Press Release Author = Fourteen Strategic Brand Consulting

Industry = Government

Press Release Summary = Offbeat, new media driven, internal branding exercises serve
as a yardstick in customers\' understanding and additionally, effect a hike of almost
30% in the organizations\' market value.

Press Release Body = Large organizations and brands are built upon a core value
system, that proves to be the DNA of their identity. These are the values, that the
corporation would nurture to every employee in the organization - to express unity
in thought and company vision. Unfortunately, most people towards whom these
campaigns are targeted towards, rarely ever understand the motivation behind the
organization\'s actions. In house HR departments, deal with the variability that
comes between the supply and demand in such situations. Integrated planning and
creative execution can help disparate planning systems align with the optimum
business performance for the firm in real time.

Fourteen Strategic Brand Consulting has fine tuned its Brand align package to
specifically cater to these necessities. Mr. Arjun Ganesan, Director of Business
Development at Fourteen says, \" Our new HR & Brand Alignment program - HUMAN SYNC -
is targeted to help such companies. The program is about teaching human resources
why they need to do, what they are instructed to do.\" Fourteen\'s new brand touch
point strategy suggests that a branded HR program, can perform actions that can, not
only provide a creative twist to the internal branding, but also resonate with
visual cues that can transform their habitat.

Mr. Mathew, Creative Head adds, \"In a world where a unique proposition can give that
extra edge to making or breaking a deal, a branded human resource can empower the
business development team to new realms in business.\" The in-house HR team can
effectively use it as a yardstick to benchmark and make quantitative as well as
qualitative comparisons internally.

In view of this venture, Fourteen Strategic Brand Consulting have added over 50
years of experience in International HR operations to their arsenal - Ms. Anita Raj,
Managing Director, Sign Talents Inc. and Mr. Montgomery , a global citizen in the
area of HR consulting. Mr. Montgomery will bring expertise, to work with
organizations at a design level to help them make subtle, non-invasive campaigns
that are expected to provide significant business advantages to these companies.

Ms. Anita Raj, with extensive experience with the UN, World Congress and other
reputed projects quoted, \"The reason the HUMAN SYNC program works so well is
because, its target audience is two fold. While working on the vision alignment
among employees, the program also builds employer pride and professional
recognition. \'

Fourteen\'s HUMAN SYNC program is a perception based, touch point strategy. Fourteen
delivers key business guided components such as HR story, creative design and
multilingual video and new media supplements. Fourteen Strategic Brand Consulting
can be found online at

Web Site =

Contact Details = Penthouse, C-Block, Pioneer Apartments,
Avinashi Road,
+91 422 4351190

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