Panton McLeod Americas Opens Denver Office

Released on = June 26, 2007, 3:29 am

Press Release Author = Scott Douglas, Holyrood Partnership, +44 131 561 2244, +44
7980 598762,

Industry = Chemicals

Press Release Summary = Experts who have pioneered safe chemical cleaning of
drinking water structures launch in America

Press Release Body = Pioneering drinking water firm, Panton McLeod Americas, has
chosen Denver in which to open its first office in the United States.

From its US base, the company will be able to provide its innovative cleaning and
de-biofouling chemicals to the entire North American drinking water industry.

The firm specialises in using these chemicals to clean drinking water structures
across the North American continent, such as storage tank and towers, treatment
plants and piping.

They expertly clear solidified iron and manganese deposits, which are virtually
impossible to physically remove without damaging these structures.

John Copeland, vice president of Panton McLeod Americas, believes the products will
revolutionise the cleaning of North American drinking water structures.

He said: "Iron and manganese deposits in drinking water structures are unavoidable
and notoriously difficult to remove.

"Physically removing them with force will often result in the structures being
damaged and having to be repaired with considerable time and cost implications.

"However, our products remove these deposits instantly after simply being gently
sprayed onto the surface. The chemicals convert the iron and manganese back to their
soluble form and they can then be safely washed away. These products are equally
effective in removing bio-fouling.

"The beauty of our products is that they are also entirely bio-degradeable so they
can simply be disposed of with the deposits, leaving clean and undamaged surfaces.

"I am delighted to have opened our Denver office because we now have a base from
which to promote these products across the entire continent.

"Once people in the drinking water industry see our products in action I am
confident they will be eager to try them out for themselves."

Panton McLeod Americas
355 South Teller Street
Suite 200
Lakewood, CO 80226

Phone: 303 231 1020
Fax: 303 235 0124

Issued on behalf of Panton McLeod Americas by Holyrood Partnership. For more
information contact Scott Douglas on +44 (0)131 561 2244 or +44 (0)7980 598 762 or

Web Site =

Contact Details = Panton McLeod Ltd
1 Waverley Place
Newton St Boswells

Telephone: + 44 1835 822835
Fax: +44 1835 822919


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