USEPA Approves First Test Strip for water quality testing

Released on = July 10, 2007, 12:09 pm

Press Release Author = Mike McBride

Industry = Government

Press Release Summary = SenSafe(TM) Free Chlorine Water Check test strip is
available for compliance testing as described in the Federal Register.

Press Release Body = Industrial Test Systems, Inc., a water quality testing
manufacturer located in Rock Hill, SC, is pleased to announce that its SenSafe(TM)
Free Chlorine Water Check test strip is available for compliance testing as
described in the Federal Register (Vol 72, No. 47, Monday, March 12, 2007, p.11204,
ITS Method D99-003). Approved for drinking water compliance, Sensafe(TM) free
chlorine water check can now be used for reporting purposes. Sensafe(TM) free
chlorine test strip is ideal for field analysis. No Powders, liquids, tablets or
instruments required.

SenSafe(TM) Free Chlorine Water Check can now be treated as an equivalent to other
free chlorine test kits. States will have the discretion to approve their use per
authority at 40 CFR 141.74 (a) (2). The original recommendation letter (October
2003) from the EPA stated: \"We (EPA) believe that the ITS test strips will provide
the regulatory community with a valuable option for monitoring free chlorine levels
in drinking water.\"

\"Municipalities now have a rapid (40 seconds), accurate, and low-cost option for
regulatory compliance monitoring without the worries of indicator \"bleach-out\" or
monochloramine interferences. According to the EPA ; \"The false positive and false
negative rates were below 0-1%. Method precision and accuracy were characterized in
multiple drinking water matrices at varying chlorine concentrations. For example,
the validation studies showed that free chlorine recovery was approximately 100% and
relative standard deviation (RSD) was generally below 20% for analysis of drinking
water samples fortified with 0.1ppm of free chlorine or above; the chlorination
level required by National Primary Drinking Water Regulations is 0.2ppm. Finally,
results did not vary across different lots of ITS test strips.\"

As an alternative to DPD, SenSafe(TM) Free Chlorine Water Check test strips avoid
the errors inherent to currently available test methods. The patented design of the
strip (US Pat. Nos. 5491094 & 6541269) makes this possible. All of the reagents
needed to perform the test are embedded in a \"solid state\" in the reaction area of
the aperture. In comparison to DPD, and according to the manufacturer \"the problem
with the use of reagent \'pillows\' is that while the \'pillows\' itself contains the
precise amount of reagent needed to accurately test a defined amount of aqueous
solution, the reagent from the open \'pillows\' can come in contact with the
operator\'s hands, can be spilled, or can have adulterants or contaminants
accidentally added. This creates significant chance for error. If errors in the
amount or condition of reagent occurs the test results, and the conclusions reached
based on those results, are subject to error. These errors can result in
unnecessary, and possibly dangerous, changes in water processing conditions
predicated upon false readings. \"

Sold in bottles of 50 test strips (part# 481026) and in 30 individually-wrapped
packets with a color chart card (part# 481126), both with a detection range of 0.0,
0.05, 0.1, 0.2, 0.4, 0.6, 0.8, 1.2, 1.5, 2.0, 4.0, 6.0 mg/l, SenSafe(TM) Free
Chlorine Water check is affordable; with a retail price for either packing option of
only $17.99. That\'s only $0.36 per test (based on a bottle of 50 test strips).

Industrial Test Systems, Inc, has been setting standards in water quality testing
and producing water quality test strips and test kits since 1989. ITS offers test
strips for a wide variety of ions as well as water quality meters, instrumentation,
labware and much more.

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Mike McBride, Marketing Manager
Industrial Test Systems, Inc. 1875 Langston Street Rock Hill, SC 29730
Toll Free: 800-861-9712 Local: 803-329-9712 Fax: 803-329-9743

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