Non-Toxic Household and Personal Care Products are Saving

Released on = September 7, 2004, 5:34 am

Press Release Author = Charlette Woodcock/ The M.O.M. Team/CEO Network

Press Release Summary = Replacing toxic household chemicals with safe, non-toxic,
organic and biodegradable products

reduces harmful indoor air-pollution, provides safe cleaning solutions, and reduces
the risk of

accidental poisoning of our children. So, let's all stop poisoning our families. We
have a Choice.

Press Release Body = "Of chemicals commonly found in homes, 150 have been linked to
allergies, birth defects,

cancer, and psychological abnormalities." ----Consumer Product Safety Commission.
The very

products that we, as caring parents, use to rid our homes of harmful bacteria and
germs are

secretly poisoning our families with harmful residues and fumes that are absorbed
daily through skin

contact and inhalation.

By simply switching brands we can provide a safe, clean, non-toxic environment for
our loved

ones to live in. Safer products for our families everyday use means safer homes
and a cleaner

planet. Most of these safer products are actually priced cheaper than the leading
brands found on

store shelves. With better prices and home delivery, why not use safer, non toxic

Household cleaning and personal care products can be deadly to a small child but
they don't

have to be. There are alternative products available for all who want a healthier
home. All we have

to do is switch brands by switching stores. Shop where safer products and family
wellness is a

company priority. We want to rid all homes of these harmful toxins that are
secretly poisoning our

families. Too many children have already died of accidental poisoning at home.
Let's all stop the

secret poisoning of our families.

For more Free Information please visit our website at or

Call (270) 879-1007. Ask for Charlette Woodcock. She will be happy to give you all
the needed

information to make an important decision to rid your home of deadly toxins. You
have a Choice.

Web Site =

Contact Details = Charlette Woodcock
The M.O.M Team/CEO Network
5725 Grancer Road
Welches Creek, Ky 42287

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